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HOW TO FIND GREATER PEACE THRU MINDFULNESS! Plus a Guided Meditation | Mark Coleman: Mark Coleman, Mindfulness Expert, on How to Go from Suffering to Peace and Perhaps Even Happiness & Joy!!!

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If you’ve ever wanted greater peace in your life, then do we have the From Suffering to Peace show for you! Today I’ll be talking with Mark Coleman, founder of the Mindfulness Training Institute and the Awake in the wild Programs, a senior teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and the author of a brilliant book on mindfulness, From Suffering to Peace. And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today about using mindfulness for greater peace in your life. Topics Include: Is mindfulness becoming watered down? What exactly is mindfulness? What’s the danger of mindfulness being everywhere today? What’s the “Getting to Know Your Hands” exercise? How did Mark Coleman discover mindfulness (as a punk rocker!)? How does mindfulness help? What does mindfulness go beyond a concentrated attention? What’s the simplest way to cultivate mindfulness? What does our current work ethic and how we take care of our bodies have to do with mindfulness? What’s the importance of nature and time outdoors? What’s a “Body Scan” practice? Who do we use mindfulness for physical pain? How do we find “Calm Refuge” if our bodies are in pain? How many thoughts do we have in the day? How do we find peace in the mind? How do we let go of a judging mind? How do we find peace in our hearts? What can we learn from Meister Eckart’s “Dark Night of the Soul”? How do we cultivate self-compassion? How do we shift from judgment to kindness? What can we learn from Dr. Martin Luther King about cultivating peace? What’s the importance of being a steward of the Earth? To find out more visit Mark Coleman’s “We Protect What We Love” facebook page. And check out Mark Coleman’s Mindfulness and Nature website: And for free meditations, weekly tips, stories and similar shows visit: And to support the show and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access, visit:  

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