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Korean War #22: Crossing the Rubicon: Crossing The Rubicon


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Korean War #22: Crossing the Rubicon: Crossing The Rubicon

Von When Diplomacy Fails Podcast

Länge: 39 min


You should know about our new sponsor -! To access some fascinating books, nerd out with like minded enthusiasts, further your knowledge of some classical works, get 25% off your first three months AND help the show, head on over to... Episode 22: Crossing the Rubicon looks at the moment where the North invades, and the different pieces fall into place for some, and fall apart for others. At 4AM on 25th June 1950, the buildup, all the preparation, all the pressuring and all the lies produced their anticipated outcome. In more force than anyone could have expected, North Korea invaded its Southern neighbour and instigated what appeared to be a catastrophic collapse in Southern defences. Syngman Rhee, it seems, had been right to warn his American allies of his country's vulnerable state.The ROKA proved useless in the face of the North's veteran troops, many of whom had served in the Chinese Civil War for several years.We follow from the perspective of Paik Sun Yup, who began the war as a Colonel, he would end it as one of the highest ranking military personnel in Korea. His war was only beginning, The nightmare for Korea was only beginning, as the war which has flummoxed and fascinated people for many decades since erupted across the 38th parallel.******Music used:"My Pillow and Me", by Lizzie Myles in 1923. Available:…/Antique_Phon…/My_Pillow_And_MeSign up to our NEWSLETTER for the latest news and deals! In April and May subscribers get 20% OFF my Thirty Years War book, so don't delay! sign up here: Want to grab yourself some quality, stylish head/ear phones and get 15% off? Use the code WDF15 to avail of this special offer and start your listening journey with When Diplomacy Fails like never before! See: to support this podcast in other ways, as we meander through the Korean War? Check out the following links to our social media, shop, website, source materials and Patreon below.History Podcasting Platform: shop where you can pick up all manner of podcast-related goodies: page: group: us financially on Patreon and access an ad-free episodes ($2 per month) and an hour of extra content ($5 per month): the website: the blog:
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