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The Astronaut Instagram Star

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Jennifer Levasseur, museum specialist at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, joins Steve to discuss photography in space, astronaut personal artifacts, and the history of space flight.Questions Include: What is it like being a museum curator? Is stuff that has gone to space more valuable? Which astronauts take the best photos? What are the ins and outs of astronaut photography? Do we still use Apollo-era space equipment today? How is space food packaged? Why are so many astronauts’ watches stolen? What kinds of care goes into preserving space artifacts? What is the importance of astronaut Instagram and social media accounts? Do astronauts really eat freeze-dried ice cream in space? Why do all astronauts have several jobs?Follow ‘I Need My Space’ on Social Media:Twitter: @INeedMySpacePodInstagram: @INeedMySpacePodFB Group: I Need My Space PodTo continue the conversation from this episode, use the hashtag #INeedMySpaceFollow Jennifer Levasseur on Twitter: @Mom2RemiThe National Air and Space Museum’s website: Inverse:Inverse sparks curiosity about the future. We explore the science of anything, innovations that shape tomorrow and ideas that stretch our minds. Our goal is to motivate the next generation to build a better world.Credits:‘I Need My Space’ is an Inverse production hosted by Steve Ward, produced by Sam Riddell, and executive produced by Hannah Margaret Allen and Weston Green. Our intro and outro music was created by Andrew Olivares.Steve: @stevejohnhenrywAndrew: Topics Discussed Include: John Glenn, Space Shuttle Challenger, ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘For All Mankind’, astronaut photography, ‘A Beautiful Planet’, the Apollo missions, thermostabilized food, ‘Hidden Figures’, Katherine JohnsonHashtags to Include in Metadata: Science, Space, Space Questions, Steve Ward, Aliens, SpaceX, Dope Space Pics, Space Travel, NASA, Astronauts in Space, UFOs, Mars, Earth, Alien, Planetary Society, Curiosity, Mars, Rover, Jennifer Levasseur, Smithsonian, National Air and Space Museum, Apollo, History, Skylab

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