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Exclusive: Husband is 'done talking' about Missy Bevers' murder


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Exclusive: Husband is 'done talking' about Missy Bevers' murder

Von Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Länge: 47 min


Although Brandon Bevers has been subjected on social media to accusations that he was somehow connected to his wife Missy Bevers' death, investigators said they accept his alibi. His wife was beaten to death with a hammer inside a Texas church as she was preparing for a sunrise fitness class. Security video shows the killer walking the church hallways carrying the murder weapon, but a makeshift police SWAT uniform and helmet hide the person's identity. The husband has been declining media interviews, but Bevers corresponded with Crime Stories through several emails. We shared the latest with lawyer and psychiatrist Dr. Brian Russell and cold case investigators Sheryl McCollum, who discuss what the husband is now saying.
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