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EP072: Beau Know Llamas: Beau Baty - Llama Man


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EP072: Beau Know Llamas: Beau Baty - Llama Man

Von Hunt Talk Radio

Länge: 123 min


In this episode (072) of Leupold's Hunt Talk Radio, Randy catches up with Beau Baty, owner of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas.  Earlier this season, Randy and his crew rented llamas from Beau.  Being the hunter he is, Beau demanded he join the crew on the hunt, which turned out to be a great thing.  Topics covered include, llamas, hunting with llamas, low maintenance backcountry pack animals, mule deer hunting in Idaho and Wyoming, 2016-17 mule deer winter kill, plans for next season, being a hunting ambassador while guiding tourists, and lots of other backcountry fun.
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