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4383 "I Cannot Find a Nice Nigerian Girl!" Freedomain Call In


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4383 "I Cannot Find a Nice Nigerian Girl!" Freedomain Call In

Von Freedomain with Stefan Molyneux

Länge: 107 min


A Freedomain listener whose family is from Nigeria can't find a satisfying relationship in his community - why?Dear Stef:I've had a lot of failed romantic relationships (ex-girlfriends/dating) and I believe it stems from my personality.My ex-girlfriends/women I've dated say that I'm socially awkward, unemotional, unemphatic, not emotionally available, they can't intimately connect with me, etc... I've been doing a lot of self-improvement like reading psychology books, watching PUA/dating coaches videos, taking improv classes, etc... Since personality is part genetic (nature), how much control (will-power) do we have in our personality? I just want to find out why it's difficult for me to intimately connect with women in my relationships, and why I sabotage myself (i.e. cognitive dissonance), by always finding something wrong with my partner, and then later have regrets when we break up.▶️ Donate Now:▶️ Sign Up For Our Newsletter: support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by making a one time donation or signing up for a monthly recurring donation at:▶️ 1. Donate:▶️ 2. Newsletter Sign-Up:▶️ 3. On YouTube: Subscribe, Click Notification Bell▶️ 4. Subscribe to the Freedomain Podcast:▶️ 5. Follow Freedomain on Alternative Platforms? Bitchute: Minds: Steemit: Gab: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Affiliate Links▶️ US:▶️ Canada:▶️ UK:
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