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MCS 252: AR Pistol Tactics: AR Pistol Tactics For Home Defense


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MCS 252: AR Pistol Tactics: AR Pistol Tactics For Home Defense

Von Modern Combat & Survival | Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat Training

Länge: 37 min


I'm just going to say it right now... pistols SUCK. It's not that you shouldn't own one or that you shouldn't carry one. You absolutely SHOULD. But a pistol is actually a very under-powered weapon. If you want to take down an aggressive, determined attacker... want something more than a pistol, but something more maneuverable than a rifle. The AR pistol is the best of both worlds. But how do you best use an AR pistol for home-defense? What accessories do you need? Which options should you avoid? This is TOO IMPORTANT to get wrong... because a mistake, when it comes to home defense, could be deadly. In this week's podcast episode, Modern Combat & Survival's Jeff Anderson interviews firearms expert and martial artist Rich Nance to answer these questions... and more! Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode: The REAL reasons why an AR pistol is better than other home-defense options... some of which may surprise you! AR pistol features you ABSOLUTELY need... and a few to AVOID at all costs. Accessories that are MUST-HAVES for your AR pistol... one of which could make the difference between taking down a bad guy and murdering a family member. The tactics you should be training to better defend your home with an AR pistol. Training tips that can better equip you to survive a home invasion... IF you know which gear works best. The time to figure out how to use your AR pistol for home defense is NOT when a home invader kicks down your door. Arm yourself with this information and you'll be better prepared for any threat you -- and your family -- may face.
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