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George Szirtes, Valeria Luiselli, Jhumpa Lahiri: One poet and two writers in conversation about language, migrants and personhood

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Valeria Luiselli talks to Laurence Scott about the desert border between Mexico and USA & capturing the sound, history and contemporary politics in her novel Lost Children Archive. The poet George Szirtes' first prose work brings his Hungarian mother superbly to life and works backwards through the years to explore the truth of being alive in the world. And Pulitzer-prize-winning short story writer Jhumpa Lahiri on her new anthology of stories from Italy, and why the Italian language releases a part of her unfulfilled by either her Bengali heritage or American upbringing.

Jhumpa Lahiri has edited The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories which is out now.
Valeria Luiselli's novel Lost Children Archive is out now
George Szirtes' memoir The Photographer at Sixteen: The Death and Life of a Fighter is out now

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