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How To Be a Polyglot: An Interview With Ellen Jovin


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How To Be a Polyglot: An Interview With Ellen Jovin

Von Zero To Travel Podcast

Länge: 75 min


Have you ever wondered how to be a polyglot? My guest today is a polyglot who has studied more than 25 different languages including a total of nine different alphabets and writing systems. Please welcome Ellen Jovin to the show! Check out her work here where she chronicles her linguistic adventures (and misadventures) and provides resources for other language learners. Tune in today to get advice around self-learning or learning a language on your own. You'll Learn: How to create a connection that goes straight to your heart Ways to be generous to the world How to structure the 3 prongs of language learning The best way to express your grammatical super powers Method to multiply your time to learn Tips to get over fears of speaking a new language Why a sense of humor is critical for language learning And so much more Resources: A Norwegian Christmas Spectacular 2nd Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular 3rd Annual Norwegian Christmas Spectacular Pimsleur Learning- free 7 day trial (for those based in the USA) Practice Makes Perfect Series Memrise Conversation Exchange Benny Lewis Michel Thomas How To Achieve Your Travel Dreams: 7 Strategies For Travel Success Looking for more Zero To Travel Podcasts?  Head over to the archives now!
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