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Gar Ryness

Von View from the Cheap Seats with the Sklar Brothers

Länge: 67 min


At the top of the show, Jason and Randy discuss the decision of pulling a pitcher from a potential no-hitter. Then Gar Ryness (The Batting Stance Guy) joins the show to talk: the opening week of baseball, Gar's favorite stadium, a deep dive into baseball, finishing up with a great Phillies story. In Quick Hits: Lonzo Ball severs ties, Lenny Dykstra makes threats, and Shaq teams up with Papa John's. In a Stitcher Premium exclusive segment, we dive deeper into batting stances, talk about Cam Newton's self-imposed celibacy, and more!  Finally: a very hot take about Gonzaga's recent basketball loss. To wrap up the show: a voicemail from Nic Cage!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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