Simple Career Advice To Get Your Dream Job and Thrive in Any Industry with Alex Grodnik


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Simple Career Advice To Get Your Dream Job and Thrive in Any Industry with Alex Grodnik

Von The Science of Success

Länge: 46 min


In this episode we discuss how to break into careers in tough industries, the skills it takes to succeed in difficult circumstances, how to deal with the difficulty of constant rejection, how to build the “muscle” of determination, a hack for switching your thinking that can make it much easier to face challenging situations and rejection and much more with our guest Alex Grodnik. Alex Grodnik is the COO at the fin-tech startup Payclub. Alex holds a finance degree from UCLA Anderson and has spent the past 9 years in investment banking, digital media, business development, and more. He is the host of the “Moving Up” podcast by Wall Street Oasis where he interviews business leaders to learn and share their secrets to success and life.What does it take to get a job at one of the toughest industries in the world From sending out hundreds of resumes amidst the financial crisis - what does it take to really succeed in finding the career you desire?Always be moving the ball forward - leverage any possible way you can to get into the door Be dogged, be determined, don’t take no for an answerUnique outcomes, huge life changing moments, don’t come from your first trial or your first failure How do you deal with the challenges of constant rejection?It’s all about practice and getting reps - getting reps getting rejected and building that muscle of determination Every no gets you one step closer to a yes If you’re afraid of something, exposing yourself to it will actually lessen that fear What’s the conversation rate of the activity you’re working on? It’s probably not 100% - Its probably really close to 5% or 10% Everyone is so caught up in themselves that they aren’t paying attention to you You have to expose yourself to discomfort to become stronger and to become anti-fragile Evolutionarily we’re programed to be risk averse - and yet the risks today are so much lower than they were thousands of years ago - and yet we constantly stay within what’s comfortable to us The benefits of being rejected - Confidence, Humility, Seeing the world in a positive light The goal is to reduce the fear of rejection by constantly exposing yourself to it The risk reward of rejection is massively in favor of getting rejected Homework: Start small and get rejected nowLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
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