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Von Felonious Florida

Länge: 29 min


Casimir Sucharsky Jr. — or Butch Casey, as he's known — is the flashy, well-known owner of the popular South Florida nightclub Casey’s Nickelodeon. After a night out at his bar in June 1994, he invites two young, attractive women back to his house for an after-hours party. As they share a bottle of wine, two intruders with a machine gun burst into the house and slay all three. Police discover the crime has been caught on a remarkable, 22-minute surveillance video. What they see on the tape is brutal and terrifying — and sets investigators on a frantic chase for suspects. Subscribe today so you don’t miss an episode. Visit you to our sponsors: Audible — Get a 30-day trial and a free audiobook when you visit them at — Try the smartest way to hire for free at
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