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What Makes the Apple Notes App Good for Apologies and Grocery Lists?

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What does the latest celebrity mea culpa and your weekend shopping list have in common? If your answer is the Apple Notes app, then congratulations! You're not alone.

Apple Notes has become the de facto tool of choice for social media apologies. But why?

We explore the reasons, motivations, and compromises behind Apple Notes apologies with writer and culture expert Kara Brown and senior user experience designer Regine Gilbert. Together, we look at what the evolving use of Apple Notes means for the ways in which we interact with technology.

Show notes references:Apple Notes meme Washington Post piece on Joe Biden's questioning of Anita Hill during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Apple notes apologyBoots Riley's BlacKkKlansman criticism Drake's Apple Notes apologySkeuomorphism Will Never Go Away, And That's a Good Thing (Gizmodo)Deafness Led To The Phone, Internet & SMS Texts (Sound Advice)

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