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#36 Craft Your Python Like Poetry and Other Musings

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Brian #1: Craft Your Python Like Poetry

Line length is important. Shorter is often more readable.
line break placement makes a huge difference in readability and applies to

function call parameters
chained function calls. (Dot alignment is pleasing and nothing I have considered previously)
dictionary literals

Michael #2: The Fedora Python Classroom Lab

Makes it easy for teachers and instructors to use Fedora in their classrooms or workshops.
Ready to use operating system with important stuff pre-installed
With GNOME or as a headless environment for Docker or Vagrant
Lots of prebuilt goodies, especially around data science:

IPython, Jupyter Notebook, multiple Pythons, virtualenvs, tox, git and more

Brian #3: How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community

A San Francisco startup called Kite is being accused of underhanded tactics.
An Atom plugin called Minimap, downloaded more than 3.5 M times, open source, and developed primarily by one person. @abe33
abe33 hired by Kite, then adds a “Kite Promotion” “feature” to Minimap that examines user code and inserts links to related parts of Kite website. (Presumably in the minimap?)
Users rightfully ticked.
Next. autocomplete-Python, also an Atom addon, seems to be taken over by Kite engineers and changes the autocomplete from local Jedi engine to cloud Kite engine (also therefore sending users code to Kite).
Seems like that ought to have been a separate plugin, not a take over of an existing one.
Again, users not exactly supportive of the changes.

Michael #4: Newspaper Python Package

News, full-text, and article metadata extraction in Python 3
Behold the example code:

from newspaper import Article
url = ''
article = Article(url)

# ['Leigh Ann Caldwell', 'John Honway']
# datetime.datetime(2013, 12, 30, 0, 0)

# ['New Years', 'resolution', ...]
# 'The study shows that 93% of people ...'

Brian #5: IEEE Spectrum: The Top Programming Languages 2017

We’re #1. We’re #1.
Python on top of the list
IEEE very open about their methodology.

Combo of Google, Google Trends, GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, StackOverflow, HackerNews, CareerBuilder, Dice, and IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Python #1 in lots of categories. Java still has more job openings, supposedly. Although I think it’s because Java people are quitting to go work on Python projects.

Michael #6: SciPy 2017 videos are out

Bunch of tutorials
Keynote - Coding for Science and Innovation, Gaël Varoquaux
Dash - A New Framework for Building User Interfaces for Technical Computing,
Dask - Advanced Techniques, Matthew Rocklin
Scientific Analysis at Scale - a Comparison of Five Systems, Jake V.
Keynote - Academic Open Source, Kathryn Huff
Plus lots more

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