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Nurturing Informed Thinking with Sunday Cummins


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Nurturing Informed Thinking with Sunday Cummins

Von Heinemann Podcast

Länge: 11 min


Knowing how to analyze all the different sources that enter into our world has never been more important. On today’s podcast we’re speaking with author Sunday Cummins about her new book: Nurturing Informed Thinking: Reading, Talking and Writing Across Content-Sources.Sunday says we need students to be able to ask question and then actively seek out answers by reading, listening or viewing multiple sources. She says we should be able to analyze any form of those sources too, whether it’s a video, photo, info-graph or a book. Sunday also writes that students need to be able to connect ideas, weigh viewpoints, and balance differing perspectives comfortably. Sunday explores what this can look like in the classroom, from planning to execution. She provides support for teachers as they plan for, and teach, with multiple sources on a regular basis. She says the more teachers incorporate multiple sources into instruction, the more students will conduct thorough research practices on their own. 
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