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Comics Alternative Interviews: Talking with Denis Kitchen for Will Eisner Week 2018: Where There's a Will...

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Time Codes: 00:00:26 - Introduction 00:02:37 - Setup of interview 00:04:05 - Interview with Denis Kitchen 01:10:35 - Wrap up 01:11:35 - Contact us We're in the middle of Will Eisner Week 2018, and over the past several years The Comics Alternative has offered special episodes to celebrate the annual event. This year is no exception. On this episode, Derek is pleased to have back on the podcast Denis Kitchen, this time discussing his relationship with the comics legend, his history with him as a publisher and businessman, and his first-hand accounts of the various career moves  Will Eisner experienced beginning in the 1970s. Along the way Denis talks with Derek about his first encounters with Eisner, how Kitchen Sink Comics helped to introduce The Spirit to a whole new generation, Eisner's evolution as a graphic novelist, and his experiences in working with Eisner as both an editor and as an agent.

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