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Sept. 25, 2014 "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Guest on Reality Bytes Radio w/ Neil Foster (Originally Broadcast Sept. 25, 2014 on Awake Radio))

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Scotland - Scottish Referendum, Vote for Independence - Division of Nations - RIIA and Future Plans for Britain, Immigration, Deindustrialization -
SNP - Union of the Crowns - Non-Democratic European Union - War Debt - Amalgamation under EU - Salmond and Sturgeon -
Internationalism, British Commonwealth Meeting, Free Trade Agreements - Edward Teller, Aerial Spraying of Metallic Particles, Weather Warfare -
Highlander 2 movie - Flooding and Drought - Catastrophic Effects from Geoengineering - Mining Industry, Food and Futures Market -
Public Health Monitoring - Aluminum Oxide - Bronchial and Nasal Problems - Alteration of Jet Stream - HAARP and Effects - Open Skies Treaty -
Airline Pilots - Leaders are Given to Follow - Order Out of Chaos - Completely New Way of Living - Agenda 21, Essential Travel Only.

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