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#99 - Men are from Mars


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#99 - Men are from Mars

Von The Shmuz

Länge: 44 min


Men and women are inherently different, in the way that they approach issues and concepts and ideas, and in the very way that they think, speak, behave and feel. Even more significantly socially, emotionally, psychologically men and women are worlds apart What they value, aspire for, and need is starkly differentIt is almost as if they are from different planets. Yet they are expected to live together in peace and harmony. A young man and a young woman are expected to meet, total strangers, then after a short courtship, are expected to come to together in the closest of all human bonds, soul mates, sharing their lives.This Shmuz deals with some of the most basic differences between men and women, the systems HASHEM has created to allow couples to bond and live in harmony, and offers some techniques couples can use that are constructive to a harmonious, lasting relationship.
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