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'Always Remember' - 6/6/18


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'Always Remember' - 6/6/18

Von The Glenn Beck Program

Länge: 111 min


Hour 1 
Remembering D-Day...commemorating how Americans earned our freedom...privileged with access...doing our own homework online ...Civil asset forfeiture of history's past? ...A campaign in the making?...Starbucks CEO eyes 2020 presidential run...does he have a chance? ...Utah congressional candidate Chris Herrod (R) joins Glenn to discuss his run for Congress and his fight against extremism...protecting 2nd Amendment, fiscal responsibility, immigration ...Clinical depression and suicide has become 'normal' in our society... 'Please get help'
Hour 2 
The Marxist-Progressive War on the Boy Scouts with political science professor Paul Kengor...the history of the 'emasculating and neutering' of the Boy Scouts...Marxists on a mission to take down the Boy Scouts and disgrace them?... Kengor shares some historical examples...doubling down on salads while there is no absolute truth?...Marx's 'ruthless criticism of all that exists'...'culturally' America is lost, in need of a spiritual awaking ...Anti-abortion Australian picketer offers women help with immigration if she 'keeps the baby'
Hour 3
President Coffee Cup?...Campaign of Pumpkin Spice Lattes? ...Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum executive director Alan Lowe joins Glenn to discuss the items he will bring to the Mercury One Museum on June 15-17 ( copy of the Gettysburg Address handwritten by Abraham Lincoln...a copy of the Thirteenth Amendment signed by Lincoln and all members of Congress who voted for its passage and a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Lincoln ...Mean obituaries from Minnesota? ...Stripped and charged in Cleveland? ...Why is Glenn talking like Jimmy Durante all of a sudden? 
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