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ZBT #232: Suck It, Big Ol' Fatass ISIS Dude


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ZBT #232: Suck It, Big Ol' Fatass ISIS Dude

Von Zero Blog Thirty

Länge: 66 min


Pre round: Imagine being one of those militia boots parading around Richmond, Virginia? LOLROUND 1: You know we don't fat shame here at ZeroBlogThirty, but we may make an exception for the latest ISIS leader captured by Iraqi security forces known to many as ISIS's Jabba the Hutt…ROUND 2: Friend of the program Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI) stops by to chat about the Packers loss, cyber security threats, Congress stuff and more.ROUND 3: Should there be a medal for the War On Drugs? We bet the late Nancy Reagan would say, “Just say yes!” to that, but not everyone agrees. So we brought on Thomas Marriott, the veteran who started the petition, to ask some questions. ROUND 4: How cold is this working party? ::ICE COLLLD:: The Canadian military has been mobilized to the farthest reaches of Newfoundland to dig the people out after a historic snowstorm.
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