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ZBT #212: Baghdadi is BaghDEADi


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ZBT #212: Baghdadi is BaghDEADi

Von Zero Blog Thirty

Länge: 57 min


Round 1: A veteran gets super veterany about trash that was blowing all over his precious, precious street. He needs three soldiers to come police call the area right damn now.Round 2: The leader of ISIS was killed over the weekend by US Special Forces in Syria. Good riddance, turd. We've reported his death at least twice before but this time it seems to be true. Round 3: Navy auditors found a warehouse w/ $126 million in aircraft parts, under secretary Thomas Modly says. Was it a warehouse, or a maintenance chief's wall locker? Round 4: TikTok is under fire as lawmakers urge US Intelligence to evaluate whether or not it is a national security threat. They no doubt will find that it is after searching hashtag military on the app.Round 5: Everyone's been talking about boobs after Game 5 of the World series when 2 ladies behind the duggout flashed ‘em. Perfect timing because we've got some military boob talk of our own. 
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