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Dear Prudence: Bisexual Dating Tips


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Dear Prudence: Bisexual Dating Tips

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Länge: 55 min


Prudence is joined this week by Jordan Blok, a queer non-binary science communicator, research administrator, and hoop earring enthusiast based out of LA, and Prudie regular, Grace Lavery, an Associate Professor in the Department of English at UC Berkeley. 
Prudie, Blok, and Lavery dig into letters about what to do when new friends who are a couple may be coming on to you, what to consider with a boyfriend who seems to be homophobic stemming from a childhood sexual assault, what to do when you strike out dating women after having had no problem dating men, does an annulment mean your are divorced or you were never married, should you oblige your abusive ex-wife’s request to process your divorce in therapy 25 years after the fact. 
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Production by Phil Surkis
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