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Podcast 296 Amount of Violence Necessary: What amount of violence should you use if you are forced to fight for your life?


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Podcast 296 Amount of Violence Necessary: What amount of violence should you use if you are forced to fight for your life?

Von Modern Self Protection Podcast

Länge: 32 min


Click to Subscribe Subscribe Today: Violence is a part of our world… good, bad, or indifferent, it is there.  If you are forced to fight, how much violence should you use? The obvious answer is enough.  But what is enough?  Have you studied it?  Have you really thought about it?  Have you checked your thoughts with someone that understands violence?  Where did you get your ideas of violence? Unfortunately, most of us get our ideas about violence from TV shows and movies… and that is completely wrong. Now social media would be a better place to get an idea about what true violence looks like from people that do violence for a living.  And I don’t mean law enforcement or the military.  They have checks on how much violence they are allowed to do.  Some criminals use violence every day.  They have learned it the hard way.  And they practice all the time.  These people are experts in the use of violence that most of us will never understand.  They do it as a practical matter of purpose.  It’s how they get places in life. We need to understand true violence so that we can use it if we have to.  Whenever possible getaway, period.  Do not do violence if there is another way out. Once the violence is started, go first, use speed, surprise, and violence of action to win.  Use complete and overwhelming violence to win. Announcements Upcoming Courses Click here for current course list. Got Ammo? Need it? Go to Lucky Gunner.  When I need ammo, it’s where I go.  Check it out.  Great prices and a really easy site to use. Get Better for only a couple bucks a month Over 60 pieces of content to train you to be better. Free Video on the front page Discounts to courses and holsters Newest Interview gives you all the information you need to know about Pelvic Shots: Do they work? Should you use them? Sign Up Here! $75 Annual Membership $8 Monthly Membership     OUTLINE:   Three ways to win a fight: Surprise Speed Violence of Action How much violence:  Complete and overwhelming violence Rethink where you get information about violence from: TV and Movies have ruined us for how violence worked Bad guys understand and do violence all the time Police are not a good place to look to learn violence Easiest place to commit violence against another person is when they are on the ground Best option, go first Check out real sources of videos to see actual violence: John Correia Active Self Protection Byron Rogers on Instagram @Executive_protection_lifestyle Fight like your life depends on it Get out of dojo thinking Think like a violent street fighter Any and all means necessary Keep going until they are done Take advantage of everything Surprise, speed, violence of action Watch this guy get surprised: See the video here If you are going to use force, use overwhelming force to win. Thanks for listening, don’t forget to check out the Shooter’s Club, and if you need ammo check out Lucky Gunner. Stay Safe, Ben
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