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#92-How to Be Anti-Racist with Benny Vasquez


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#92-How to Be Anti-Racist with Benny Vasquez

Von Nonprofit Lowdown

Länge: 40 min


Join me and my friend Benny Vasquez, long-time educator and current Chief Equity Officer at the KIPP Foundation, as we discuss what it means to be anti-racist on a personal and organizational level.  Benny offers his perspectives as a lifelong educator and passionate DEI activist.  In this conversation we discuss:

The role of white people in dismantling racism.
Specific tips for anti-racist hiring practices.
The benefit of white affinity groups and why we don't have time for white fragility.
Future visions of Black liberation, Black joy and transformation for all.

To get in touch with Benny, check out his LinkedIn profile:
Also, here is a helpful blog post:
Benny-recommended resources:
Rubric of anti-racist organization continuum:
My Grandmother's Hands
Emergent Strategy
This Bridge Called My Back
Anti-racist training:
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
Randy Clancy


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