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ZBT #284: Don't Yell "F*ck Trump" In Uniform


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ZBT #284: Don't Yell "F*ck Trump" In Uniform

Von Zero Blog Thirty

Länge: 76 min


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ROUND 1: Robin Williams would have turned 69 years old this week. He made six USO tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, and 11 other countries, and performed for 90,000 troops. We’ll tell some of those tales on today’s show.

ROUND 2: Getting political in uniform is a no-no. Yelling “Fuck Trump” in uniform? An even bigger no-no, which one sailor found out this week as she became the center of a viral video out of Ventura, California.

ROUND 3: What the ever-loving-fuck is going on at Fort Hood?

ROUND 4: One of the more unspoken wounds of our wars in Iraq & Afghanistan is brought to light by a couple speaking about what happens after a service member sustains injuries to their genitals. The good news, you can adapt, improvise and still cum.

ROUND 5: Kate went on a military porn deep dive & found one for each branch and boyyyy are one of them hornier than the rest… my goodness
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