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How to cheat on your hangover - biohacks with an anthropologist - Part 1 of 2: Key supplements to boost your energy

How to cheat on your hangover - biohacks with an anthropologist - Part 1 of 2

VonThe Happy Type One

How to cheat on your hangover - biohacks with an anthropologist - Part 1 of 2

VonThe Happy Type One

25 Minuten
11. Mai 2021


In this episode Sara Aguilar shares her story on overcoming food obsession and her partner’s experience improving epileptic seizures on the ketogenic diet. We look back at our ancestors way of life to make smart adjustments to our current lifestyle by understanding the era of nutritional supplementation and biohacks, that can improve our well being. Sara is a health anthropologist, running her own keto supplement business in the UK, shipping all over Europe.
This episode is in 2 parts. This is part 1. Here is what you can expect.
Part 1

1. Exogenous and real ketons

2. Keto flu

3. “Must have” supplement you already have at home
We discuss how ketons can benefit you and improve: diabetes, epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety, mood swings, dementia, Alzheimer and the prevention of many other neurological issues.
Part 2:

1. MCT oils, “C8” and “C10” labels explained

2. How to cheat on your hangovers

3. How to identify good quality supplements
We will close part 2 next week with some practical advice beyond food supplementation.
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11. Mai 2021

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