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When should you drink Gatorade?

Why is Gatorade better than water?

Although both water and Gatorade are thirst quenchers, these two drinks are meant to replace the lost fluids of an individual

In the case of regular water, it

Unlike regular water, Gatorade
is filled with electrolytes like potassium and sodium that will be used to replace all those natural electrolytes lost in the body after profuse sweating during a tiring physical activity. The sodium in Gatorade also helps the body retain fluids. It also has more carbohydrates that act as a source of energy.

serves as a generic medium of transporting nutrients, and even waste elements, inside the human body. It keeps the internal mechanism of the body in balance. Thats why it is recommended to drink water before, during, and after regular physical activities to maintain this balance.

Gatorade v/s other energy drinks

Other energy drinks raises your blood pressure which isn't good when

playing a sport. Sports drinks before a game aren't intended to be drank before a game. They are to refuel you. Also, other energy drinks will give you a short energy kick then you will have a big down-period and then back to normal.

Gatorade invented in 1965 1967 Orange Bowl,

The Quaker Oats purchased Gatorade in 1983 for a sum

of $220 million.
International expansion 2001 - Gatorade's been acquired 2004 journey to India


FMCG Companies are among the top contenders that

pursue the brand positioning process to establish their products in market. FMCG industry has actually been responsible for the growth of advertisement industry in countries and consequently for creating a large number of jobs in this sector also.

Advertising and publicity.

Gatorade is the official sports drink of National Football League,

National Basketball Association, USA Basketball, National Hockey League,US Soccer Federation. The ads began airing in August 1991. Primary endorsers in the 2000s have included Professional Golf Association golfer Tiger Woods. Distribution was extended to include the U.K. in 2008, coinciding with an agreement designating Gatorade as the official sports drink of the Chelsea Football Club.

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) is a research facility operated in Barrington, Illinois that has been featured in a number of the company's commercials. Established in 1985, this organization consists of scientists studying the correlation and effects of exercise, environmental variables, and nutrition on the human body. It regularly conducts testing and research on how hydration and nutrition affect athletics.

Gatorade: Tested In The Lab, Proven On The Field This brand have a market share of over 70% in the US market. The brand had a soft launch in India. While in US and the west, Sports coexist with the studies while in India it is mutually exclusive. The drink is being promoted by a " special sweat team" who will be meeting potential clients at the various " Points of Sweat" like gyms, sports centers, joggers park etc.



Gatorade was launched in India in 2004 and marketed by

pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd . Gurgaon ,Haryana and over the years, has become an integral part of the kitbags of many leading sportspersons. Gatorade has been tried and endorsed in India by the top sports stars and professionals, including Sachin Tendulkar, Irfan Pathan, Md. Kaif, S. Sreesanth Ramji Srinivasan and Javagal Srinath.

Experts opinions : Mr. Javagal Srinath(ex-cricketer)

Srinath said. "I am happy that initiatives like Gatorade's sweat testing helps expose our young players, coaches and administrators to the modern scientific methods for physical fitness management providing the knowledge that our players can use to improve their performance on the field,"






What are gatorade ingredients?


Regulator,Electrolytes, and artifical colour.

Why artifical colour?

The colors of Gatorade not only look good but also help in flavor perception enabling you to tell different flavors apart.

Artifical colours are added at the lowest possible level to achieve the desired color. For those who prefer drinks without color, Gatorade Ice is available.

How is Gatorade different from energy drinks? Benificial to diabetics persons ? Why doesn't Gatorade contain fruit juice and

caffeine ?

Is Gatorade safe for kids ?

Flavours of gatorade ?

orange lemon-lime

Why is Gatorade better than

other sports drinks?

Is Gatorade safe for infants

and toddlers?

Nothing works better than Gatorade.

Gatorade is ideal beverage while.


Gatorade is the ideal beverage while..

Out and About

Gatorade is the ideal beverage while

Playing various sports

Gatorade is the ideal beverage while

Jogging /walking

Who is the primary target market for Gatorade in India?

India is a huge sports loving country,apart from cricket there are many other sports booming up. traditonally it is for sportsperson 18-24 but there is no such age criteria any one who loves to be fit and active can have a Gatorade Energy mix. The drink is being promoted by a " special sweat team" who will be meeting potential clients at the various " Points of Sweat" like gyms, sports centers, joggers park etc.

Gatorade is available in following quantities..

400 ml pet bottle

500 ml pet bottle

1.5 litre pet bottle

Gatorade is also available in sachet of 35g.

Nutritional information per sachet of 35g

Energy Carbohydrate Sugar Sodium

: 126kcal : 32.4g : 32.2g : 215mg