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Nano A Dream Car For The Poor

By: Abhinav Jain Ashish Kumar Rishabh Malik

Tata Motors Nano-A Dream Car Concepts Used Case Study SWOT Recommendations


TATA Motors Ltd. is an automotive multinational company headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is the largest automobile company in South Asia The Company is in the field of manufacturing commercial and passenger vehicles. The company started its operations in 1954. The company is having 6 manufacturing and assembling Plants located at Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, etc in india.

NANO- The dream Car

Nano- the dream car is a rear engined, four seater Passanger car from the house of TATA Motors. TATA motors surprised the world by launching the worlds cheapest Car NANO in the year 2008. NANO majorly aimed at Two-Wheeler users. Nano is also known as Lakhtakiya Car because of its price(Rupees One Lakh Car) Company started its production in the year 2008 at sanand plant.

Concepts Used
New Product Decision :- Idea generation -> Idea Screening(MOA) -> Business Analysis(decision) -> Development -> Test Marketing (small market) -> Commercialization. Market Opportunity Analysis :- To find out the attractiveness of a business.

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Case Study
Intro Development of a One Lakh Car The Last Mile The Launch Antecedents(background) of Nano Opportunities for Nano Automobile Industry in India

One LAC rupees CAR against of increasing steel prices. Fuel-efficient. Fashion of Compact Cars in India. 21% more Spacious then Maruti 800. Survive frontal Crash upto 50 km/hr. Trusted Brand

Safety is the reason in which customers are doubtful. Fiber Body.
Light vehicle. Not suitable for hilly areas.

Two wheeler Holders. Global market like India, China, etc. Growing population of Middle class and Lower Class who controls 59% of total income in India. All the holders of Maruti 800, as its production is stopped by the company. Second hand car users.

Battery and electric operated small cars.
New Model of Bajaj Autos Limited RE60. Light vehicles like spark, Alto, etc. Secondhand users.

Focus should be on service to meet post purchase service needs. E-Nano the new variant can become better alternative in Future.(increased mileage and low emission) Battery operated vehicles are the future of India so Nano can look towards it.

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