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Alcatel University - 3FL 40034 AAAA WBZZA Ed.01


The New Generation of OMSN Exercise

1. What are the four main equipment of the Alcatel new generation SDH family?

___________________ ___________________ ___________________


2. What is the meaning of OMSN?

___________________________________ _

3. In OMSN there are specific slots for tributary cards and other specific slots for aggregate cards.

True False


ATM Service application Exercise

1. Are the intermediate OMSN able to switch ATM traffic? Yes, always Yes, if ATM card is equipped No

2. Does an intermediate OMSN require the ATM card to pass-through a VC containing ATM traffic? Yes No


OMSN in the System Management Exercise

1. Can OS be connected to NE through F interface? Yes No

2. Can NE be supervised by a remote CT? Yes No

3. How many OS can supervise a NE at a time? 1 2


Control and SW Sub-systems Exercise

1. What are the main functionalities of EC? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________ 2. What are the main functionalities of the SC? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________ 3. ISSB Intra-shelf Serial Bus connects EC and SC. True False 4. If EC is faulty, traffic is affected. True False

Mechanical Sub-system Exercise

1. Can Access card be used as stand alone unit? Yes No 2. Is there a relation between the Access card slot and Port card slot? Yes No 3. Are there reserved slots in the equipment? Yes No

4. Can Port card be inserted in the Access Area? Yes No


Connection Sub-system Exercise

1. Can any PDH signal be connected with any STM-N signal? Yes No
2. Is SDH matrix able to cross-connect all of the ports of the equipment? Yes No 3. ATM matrix must be used in conjunction with _____ matrix.


PDH and SDH cards Exercise for 1650SM-C

1. Is it necessary to equip A2S1 Access card for P4S1N Port card? Yes No Why? ____________________________________ 2. P63E1N must be used in conjunction with up to ____ Access cards whose acronym is_________.

3. STM-1 signal may be handled by means of: P4S1N + _______ ______ + A2S1 ______ + _______
4. T3 is the name of the ____Mbit/s signal 5. STM-4 signals are handled by an Access card and a Port card. True False 6. HS Port cards can be equipped in every not reserved slot of the Basic Area. True False


Controller cards Exercise

1. What is the card that implements SC, matrix and synchronization circuits? ______________________________________ 2. How many SC can the equipment have? ______________________________________ 3. F interface connector and Flash card are hosted by the card that implements EC. True False 4. Is the EC protected? ______________________________________


Services cards Exercise

Why is CONGI card protected? ____________________________________

Can Ethernet connector of CONGI in the right slot be used? Yes No

Is SERGI card mandatory? Yes No Synchronization connectors are hosted by CONGI card. True False


Summarize exercise 1650SM-C

Configure the 1650SM-C using the labels below. Attention should be payed on the relation between the Port card and the Access card

P63E1N 2 x A21E1 ATM4x4 CONGI SERGI 2 x SYNTH1N P4ES1N A4ES1 2 x IL-4.1



Summarize exercise 1650SM-C

Configure the 1650SM-C with the boards necessary for the services. Use EPS protection when possible

E1 Port1

Short Haul 1310nm STM-4

Write a possible Cross-Connection Table for services Drop & Insert:

E1 Port2

Short Haul 1310nm STM-4

Electrical Stm1

Shorth Haul 1310 Stm1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Service phone


Summarize exercise 1650SM-C

Write the three simplified Cross-Connection Tables for transporting the STM-1 between extreme 1650SMC, SNCP-N protected

STM-4 Ring

STM-1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



Summarize exercise 1650SM-C

Draw the best solution for transporting the unidirectional 34Mbps between E and B NEs What type of cross-connections are used in each NE? Define 1650SMC D Node Boards Configuration What type of cross-connections will appear if the E3 circuit is bidirectional?
B STM-4 Ring E3

STM-4 Ring E3 E F