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Treasures of Pharaoh curse - (photo / text)


Treasures of Pharaoh curse

by lohas fun relax

Tutankhamun the burials's discovery is the pinnacle of the Egyptian archeology, but leaving a lot of people are curious legend Sino-French Pharaoh's curse since discovered constantly fulfilled. Wish cups found in the antechamber of the tomb may Tomb discarded this. Beibi outer edge inscribed with a spell: If you are willing to put your face toward the north, after a few years you will see happiness.

Painted box: The box is one of the greatest works of art in the tombs. Box
drawn on the heroic deeds of some Tutankhamun King, Nubian campaign war scenes, the lid depicting hunting a lion and some desert game.

Scarab-shaped jewelry is stolen from the tomb of Tutankhamun, originally circulated in Egypt. Later, a South African seafarers from the roulette win it, and it brought to South Africa. When seafarers ornaments handed over to his daughter shortly after, he died in a sea. In a few days after the bodies of seafarers ashore, and his daughter died of leukemia.

18 1947

Fengyun named "Eye of the creator of Black Diamond, according to legend, displaced by a monk from the statue removed. It is said that since then, people hold Fengyun Black Diamond are they under the curse, three former holders are the 18thcentury Russian princess Nadia and Leo Nella, reportedly the two committed suicide in 1947; while these diamonds predecessor died by suicide in the black market purchased.

Although some reliefs and paintings described Queen Cleopatra wore similar hats, but can not confirm Cleo faction Tel wearing this crown. The crown is decorated with the Egyptians revered animal images. Major ceremony, Pharaoh representative of the general wearing the white crown of Egypt and representatives of Egypt, the red crown double crown.

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