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Learning Management

.Introduction .Phonetics .Vocabulary .Grammar .Teaching Methods .Instrument By ku zhendong

This lesson lays emphasis on improving the ability of the learner to use Chinese for communication. It integrates the communicative function with the grammatical structure and presents the most essential and useful part of the language in the linguistic environments one is usually exposed to in daily life .so as to enable the learner to master the basic conversational sentences fairly quickly. and on that basis, through substitution and extension practice, to acquire the ability to carry on simple conversations with the Chinese.

Lesson 1 Family

Initials : there are 21 Initials in Chinese

eg. b p m f d t n l Finals : there are 37 Finals in Chinese

eg. a o e i u

Neutral tone : In common Speech, some syllables are pronounced both light and short. Such a tone is called the neutral tone. Which lacks a tone-graph representation in writing , eg. Father ,they . Change of tones : when a syllable in the 3rd tone precedes a syllable in the 1st,2ed,4th or neutral is pronounced in the half 3rd tone, that is, the tone only falls but doesnt rise, eg. You Chinese languge is a tone language. It has four basic tones,which are indicated respectively by the tone graphs: - ( the first tone), / (the second tone), v ( the third tone ) , and \ ( the fourth tone) . The tone are used to distinguish meanings of a syllable. Different tones have different meanings. eg. ma (mother,hemp,horse,to curse).

family to have a measure word in chinese ( bank work

? How many people are there in your family?

is used to ask about the number of people in the family only. When one wants to ask about the number of people in an institution or a community, he should use the measure word

: the sentences A sentence with the predicate made up of and its object is known as the sentence. Such a sentence indicates possession. Its negative form is constructed by putting the adverb but not before e.g. He has not brother.

prepositional constructions The prepositional construction consists of preposition and its object. It often occurs before a verb, serving as an adverbial adjunct. e.g. He works in a bank.

Teaching Methods
Active learning students made a family tree in the A4 paper according to the lecture. improve students understanding and retention of information ( Dr. Ploysangwal,2012 worksheet).

Teaching Methods
Cooperative Learning There are two students each group. . Students talk about each others families according to the A4 paper . . A student said to another person to make a family tree .

Teaching Diverse Students

Inward it is the time where we stop the class and you look inward. I will stop for 3 minute . . Solving the problem . What different between and . How do you pronounce the . More than one pronunciation( polyphone) e.g.

Underline the important words Restatement of the focus of the entire text. Preparation the new Lesson ( a brief description of new lesson ) Note: The two ways you can get lecture. .document folder . Powerpoint in the computer

Effective Lecture The importance of Lecture . Important ideological and theoretical essence passed to the students. . . To promote student learning before and after. . To convey information to students e.g. Dr. Songsaingchai

A4 Paper( white color) A4 Paper (pink color) Sticker White board Pen and pencil