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Baba had said (3)

This Nucleus knows no artificial barrier, nor isms, countries or philosophies. This Nucleus knows that the moving entities are My children - they want to come and sit on My lap.


Samghe shaktih kaliyuge the real strength lies in an organised body. That is to say, people should live united. In the future, the honest and virtuous people of the society will respond to your call and will unite.
Ananda Vacanamrtam-7

Human society is now to decide whether to live or to die. If this mud-slinging and intolerance are encouraged, humanity has no future -- the future is dark, the future is sealed forever. But you know, I am not a pessimist. I am always an optimist. And I want all my sons and daughters to be optimists. And I want them to struggle against this death signal of humanity, and come out successful.


Always remain united and organized. Solve all problems big and small in a united way. Advice every Ananda Margii to remain united at all times.
Avadhuta Conduct Rules-30

They are actually All One, One Entity expressing itself through many structures. This divine message is the highest mission of humanity. Those who instead propagate limited sentiments such as casteism, racialism, provincialism, parochialism, and nationalism, even internationalism are the enemies of human society. Human Society should only be based on one ISM that is Universalism.


We should not forget that in the past it was the want of unity which brought India under the yoke of slavery time and again. If there is lack of unity at present, it should be understood that India has become intellectually bankrupt.
PR Sarkar

To the Patriots

All divisive tendencies and group and clan philosophies which create shackles of narrow-mindedness are not connected with spirituality and should be discarded. Only that which leads to broadness of vision should be accepted. Spirituality does not recognize any unnatural distinctions and differentiations made between human beings; it stands for universality.
Idea and Ideology

Today human beings, to whatever country they may belong, should, on the one side, propagate an anti-exploitation sentiment and form strong nations in their respective countries; and, on the other side, preach the theory of one spiritual inheritance that every living being is the child of the Supreme Entity, and that all the people of all nations belong to the same family.
To The Patriots

The sentiment of spiritual inheritance and Cosmic Ideology will keep people united. It is true that this spiritual sentiment will not be helpful to the formation of a nation inside any particular country, but it will definitely unite the entire planetary world and even the universe into a nation. Then there will be only one nation - a universal nation.
To The Patriots

War is the black spot of human character. In individual or collective life one can struggle, but war is based on hatred and on divisive tendencies. Is it not black? Struggle and war are not synonymous. While war springs from hatred, struggle is a part and parcel of life. War blackens everything; it darkens the future. Let life be bright both individually and collectively. Let us fight these divisive tendencies, which want to make our life dark. Light is beautiful because it is luminous.
Baba in Fiesch.

Thus, our policy should be, Aspects of unity should be encouraged and aspects of disunity should be discouraged. If this principle is strictly followed there will be an increase in human unity and a corresponding decrease in the degree of disunity.

You should remember this inherent tie of humanity. Try to help others as much as you can, because it is the desire of Providence that all will march onward with maximum cooperation. And, if you move along the path of righteousness with the spirit of Universal Fraternity, victory is yours. The blessing of Parama Purusa is always with you.
11 September 1979, Athens,
Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 14

Let all the various human scripts be studied and developed impartially, and let the result be utilized in the cause of aesthetic science. Then human beings will certainly achieve rapid progress; the conflict between states, between societies and between races will cease in no time. They must march ahead vigorously with firm steps, keeping a synthetic ever before them.

On the basis of language, how is it possible to divide human being? All languages must be given equal respect. One should remember that all languages are the languages of Parama Purusa.
Neo-Humanism in a Nutshell-2.

Those guided by group psychology are like ravenous tigers. Where the groupist approach is ingrained in people's social psychology, separatist tendencies flow through their bones, blood and marrow. Such people become extremely avaricious for human flesh. That's why those who are guided by group psychology have accepted separatism as a political creed.

The more the honest people are firm on morality, the more the evil forces will be active against them. So all the moralists of the universe should remain organized and confront the evil forces unitedly.
Ananda Vanii. Jan 1983

There are a variety of religions in the world formulated by different propounders. But instead of enhancing the spirit of unity in the human society, these religions have actually increased disunity and mutual conflict. How many wars have been fought in the name of religion? So, far from being a unifying force, religion should be seen as a cause of disharmony.

So the important thing is that all are the progeny of the Supreme Progenitor. According to this, there will be unity in the physical stratum, and so will there be in the psychic and spiritual strata. But to strengthen this unity yet more, there is one more factor, which should be there, and is there that factor being the common goal for all the children of the Supreme Father the merger of all in Him. All have come from Him and are in Him; therefore, all people will have to live together.
Discourses on Mahabharata

One human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and castes also have different sub-castes what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas Dogmas are psycho-physical diseases.

Remaining together is natural for you, and to remain disunited is something unnatural. You know well that unnaturality is not tolerated by Prakrti. Unnaturality is ultimately destroyed. So it is natural for human beings to live together and to make a great Universe. By not doing so, and by mutual fight, all will be destroyed. This is the law of Prakrti.

Discourses on Mahabharata

Human society is one and indivisible. Keeping this supreme truth ever fixed in ones vision, one will have to think of promoting human welfare, love for humanity, human solidarity and universal fraternity, and move accordingly. Not for a single moment should one forget it nor even ignore it.
Ananda Purnima 1983

Due to lack of intellect or mutual conflicts in the past, a vast number of creatures have become totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Let human beings not meet the same dreadful consequence.
Ananda Purnima 1983

Universal humanity, forgetting all spatial, temporal and personal differences, shall have to move, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. And that alone will be the real progress of universal humanity, the firm establishment of unified humanism.

Ananda Vanii. Jan 1984

Just to represent the spirit of Samgachadhvam, I propounded the theory of PROUT.

PROUT in a Nutshell