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What does the Bill State..?

THE FOREIGN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (REGULATION OF ENTRY AND OPERATIONS) BILL, 2010 A BILL to regulate entry and operation of foreign educational institutions imparting or intending to impart higher education (including technical education and medical education and award of degree, diploma and equivalent qualifications by such institutions) and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. (Shri Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resource Development) GMGIPMRND1854LS21.04.2010.

This is a milestone which will enhance choices, increase competition and benchmark quality
-Shri Kapil Sibal, Minister of Human Resources Development INDIA

Some important clauses of the bill..

There is a corpus fund of 50crores to be deposited in the central Government MHRD acts as a gateway The institutions must have served at least for 20years in their home country. No hidden agendas No profit draining but they can invest back for the expansion in India


To attract overseas Universities. To cater the future educational needs. To globalize. To reduce the financial burden of going abroad and studying. Become Global citizen

The benefits
Check on Brain Drain To set up healthy competition Enhance research orientation Infrastructural development Interesting pedagogy Increase global standards Increase in FDI

The benefits.(contd)
Rapid technological advancement Better International Relationships Affordability & availability of the education Global exposure & awareness to students Fusion of cultures & talents Make India the global hub of education

If the bill is legislated without alterations, it will give rise to even more commercialisation of the education sector. Altruistic motives could spoil the root causes of education. As(If) there is Rs.50crore corpus set by Govt, the institutes may concentrate more on ROI rather than providing true services.

The top global Universities have shown no sign of interest to set up their campuses, as they have already access to Indian talents. Already many customized collaborations are existing and are running successfully Less reputed Universities abroad which are prepared to bend rules can come in to enjoy the profits.

Creative accounting can always overcome the hurdles like Transfer of profit clause. Negligence of our own Universities Wobbling fee structures No assurance of quality Some of developing Indian Universities may loose their identity.

Already Indian Institutions are doing well like IITs ,IIMs ,AIIMS, RECs, JNU, BARC, ISRO,etc Hefty corpus No guarantee that they retain of the same quality in India also(academic parameters) Will they bring along their top faculties? Why would they invest if they are not allowed to take back profits?

Fear of politicizing the system Do the top universities agree to invest in India?

We expect impartial support of Govt to both domestic as well as the Foreign Universities There should be a strict and well framed Regulatory Authority to govern these Universities Bring in strict regulations of fee structures, scholarships, drawing of profits and faculty exchange

Final words
If the Bill is drafted more carefully keeping in mind of the futuristic views which ensures the safer interests of the education sector and ensuring the scope for healthier competition amongst the Universities , then this Act would create a great revolution in Educational reforms of India.

Times of India 25-07-2012 Business Standard 5-9-2012 The Hindu 1-06-2012/3-06-2012/20-06-2012 Deccan herald 5-9-2012(DNAForeign universities bill is a bill to sell education out by degreesPublished: Sunday, Mar 21, 2010, 2:48 IST
By Mr.Anil Sadgopal | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA)

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