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GUIDED BY R.HARI BAASKAR M.E., Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Presented by J.C.RAHUL(090105808030) K.THANGARAJ(090105808048) G.VEERARAGHAVA PRASAD(090105808050) R.VISHNU PRIYAN(090105808053) NARASUS SARATHY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

ABSTRACT: Chatting Application in cloud computing helps Cloud users and developers to share their own ideas, issues etc. Facebook chat and Google chat are used by different kind of users all over the world ,but this application aims in gathering the people related to cloud environment to know about the current cloud technologies and to provide them a new path in cloud Domain

INTRODUCTION: Google App Engine (GAE) is a platform as a service (PaaS) cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers Google App Engine is free up to a certain level of consumed resources

The PiCloud Platform gives you the freedom to develop your algorithms and software without sinking time into all of the plumbing that comes with provisioning, managing, and maintaining servers.


: A Reference Model Of Cloud Operating and Open Source Software Implementation Mapping Author : Wenke Ji,Xiaoyong Ji Year : 2009 Abstract: In this article, a reference model is proposed. The model divides the cloud computing system with various components in a 3-layer called infrastructure, platform and application. The detail of the components are presented for its functionality assumed. Also the open source software implementation for the components in the model is addressed.


: Creating Next Generation Cloud Computing Based Network Services And The Contribution Of Social Cloud Operation Support System (Oss)to Society Author : Miyuki Sato Year : 2009 Abstract: Emerging virtualization technology are making ubiquitous access to on-demand, network and storage resources to deliver various application over public internet.In this paper we present how the telecom operation support system(oss)that provide Enterprise to Enterprise (E2E) transaction, switching management , on-demand services management and scalability have evolved to provide next generation cloud management .

Title : Open Source Science Clouds Author : D.Ogrizovic,B.Svilicic,E.Tijan Year : 2010 Abstract: Most of nowadays cloud computing infrastructures are commercially based with their own cloud computing services, but there are also many open-source software clouds emerging in academia, providing a limited number of computational platforms on demand. Distributed computing framework Apache Hadoop and four IaaS platforms Eucalyptus, Nimbus, OpenNebula and Cumulus project are presented.

Title : Cloud Database-as-a-Service(DaaS)-ROI Author : V.Mateljan,D.Cisic,D.Ogrizovic Year : 2010 Abstract: Cloud computing concept has been presented with a overview of main services, cloud native and cloud capable relational / non-relational databases, and some advances and drawbacks of cloud Database-as-aService. Proposed Return On Investment (ROI) analysis outlines how to decide and the things to consider whether an application is suited for a cloud computing environment, on-premise (inhouse) infrastructure or to outsourcing to managed services.

Title : Cloud Computing System Based On Trusted Computing Platform Author : Zhidong Shen,Li Li,Fei Yan,Xiaoping Wu Year : 2010 Abstract:
Cloud computing provides people a way to share large mount of distributed resources belonging to different organizations. That is a good way to share many kinds of distributed resources, but it also makes security problems more complicate and more important for users than before. In this paper, we analyze some security requirements in cloud computing environment. Since the security problems both in software and hardware, we provided a method to build a trusted computing environment for cloud computing by integrating the trusted computing platform (TCP) into cloud computing system. We propose a new prototype system, in which cloud computing system is combined with Trusted Platform Support Service (TSS) and TSS is based on Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

CONCLUSION: Creating a chatting application using Google app engine or Pi Cloud Application created using Google app engine can be globally used

Google app engine provide security to our applications

Software installed in Pi Cloud can be implemented in real Cloud Servers