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Project Title:- COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HOME LOANS AMONG DIFFERENT BANKS Company Name:- Bank of Maharashtra, Satara Project Guide:- Proff. Avinash Ghadage External Guide:- Mr. A.S. Narvekar

Introduction to the Project

Now days many peoples are aim to buy a new house or want to moderate old house into new house. But because of some financial problem that could not able to do that but there is always option of Loan. By taking home loan every one can wish buy a new home new home. This project can Help them f0or choosing right Bank for taking home loan this project can Help them

Company Profile
established in the year 1935 with an initial authorized capital worth Rs. 10.00 Lacs. For providing capital to the trade and industry in Maharashtra, it is essential to establish a Joint Stock commercial bank. The Mahratta Chamber is, therefore, requested to make all the necessary enquiries in that behalf and take appropriate steps for floating such a bank. The bank got nationalized by the Government of India in the year 1969.

Company Profile
Provides various types of Loans, accepts various types of deposits. Operates 1421 Fully computerized Branches.

Provides extended Hours Services at branches in Residential area.

Operates 1500 ATM Centers. Offered Demat facility, Phone Banking, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

To understand the term Home Loan. To understand the important factors related to Home Loan Scheme. To study the Home Loan Scheme of the Bank of Maharashtra along with other leading banks. To compare the Home Loan Scheme of leading banks in India.

Research Methodology
SOURSES OF DATA COLLECTION Primary Data: - This data collected by the questionnaire and interview of the client and other customer of the bank who taken the loan from different banks. Secondary Data: - Secondary data which is required for project taken from Internet, Books and Newspapers.

Research Methodology
SAMPLING METHOD:- The Sampling method was used Simple Random Sampling. SAMPLE SIZE:- Sample size taken 200, out of which 170 has given response. SAMPLE ANALYSIS:- From the total of sample size 130 people gave the response and remaining people are not given the response and also not show interest towards taking Home Loan. From most of the people are educated.

What do you see first when you taking the loan?

No. Persons In Percentage (%)

Interest rate documentation Processing fee Method of Charging Interest 67.5 35 17.5 17

13 6.5




What do you see first when you taking the loan?

In Percentage (%) 80

60 50 40 30 20 10 In Percentage (%)

0 Interest rate documentation Processing fee Method of Charging Interest

Interest rates
Bank Name Bank of Maharashtra Syndicate Bank IDBI Bank Bank of India Interest Rate 10.45 10.50 10.50 10.50

Interest rates
Interest Rate (%) Up to 5yrs
10.6 10.5

10.3 10.2 10.1 10 Bank of Mah. Syndicate Bank IDBI Bank Bank of India

Interest Rate (%) Up to 5yrs

Processing Fee
Bank Name Processing fee (%)

Bank of Maharashtra
Syndicate Bank IDBI Bank Bank of India

0.50 0.75 0.25

Processing Fee
% of processing fee
0.8 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 Bank of Mah. Syndicate bank IDBI bank Bank of India % of processing fee

Many of clients are unknown about terms and conditions of home loan. Many of clients are not satisfy with interest rate charges. Many of clients are not satisfy with speed which taken for processing loan. Many clients are not satisfy with service which provided by Bank Many times not get clear information about home loan procedure

From the detail study and comparison of Home Loan schemes of different banks, I observed that few changes are required in the Home Loan Scheme of The Bank of Maharashtra.

A decrease in existing paperwork requirements along with decrease in the Loan sanction period is must.
Bank should also decrease its processing fees or its pre-payment rates. It should also go for corporate tie ups and should also undertake some promotion work for its Loan product i.e. Home Loan Scheme.

Loan sanction period should be decreased to suit applicants requirements The processing fees or pre-payment rates should be decreased or either of them should be waived for few years. Door-Step services should be provided by banks. This kind of service is appreciated by people and can help bank in increasing its business.

Bibliography Annual report of bank of Maharashtra