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Various services provided by Infosys IT Solutions • Strategy and IT Consulting • Enterprise Application Integration Embedded Systems • Automotive Applications • Industrial Automation • Consumer Electronics & Internet Appliances • Communications & Networking PLM Solutions • Consulting • Implementation and Customization • Application integration • Data Migration and Maintenance Product Development • Concept Design • Detailed Design • Analysis and Optimization • Prototyping and Testing • Production and Post-deployment Support • Data Migration • Design Automation and Customization • Package Implementation • Application development and maintenance • Engineering Software Development • Production support .

Infosys Managed Infrastructure Services portfolio .



transaction time. server optimization etc. response time.* Monitor components and elements like web application error. . infrastructure. middleware. in real time * Monitor performance metrics across all levels of technology stack i. web page hit. OS and application * Identification of capacity and performance trends * Manage demands effectively and efficiently * Modify demand for particular service or resource accordingly * Identify the cause and find out resolution for performance related incidents * Handle incidents by comparative analysis with the monitored performance data to facilitate in drilling down to exact problem performance area in the application * Making capacity plan which will cover current performance details with recent trends for all components and elements and report difficulties found in past period.e.

. PaaS. including cloud. SaaS.• End-to-end services across the IT lifecycle that cover the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure • • Transformation of IT infrastructure to leverage next generation technologies and computing models. Grid computing etc Optimization of the TCO around IT and ensuring the business value of your current IT investments • • • • • Transparent IT operations aligned to ITIL v3 service delivery processes Benchmarked risk management methodologies and governance Alignment to best practices in infrastructure Significant improvement in service levels and increased availability of critical IT assets A choice of multiple engagement and pricing models to suit your budget and changing business needs. IaaS.

Executive Management. Project Manager. Basic hierarchy of any IT based company including Infosys is :. 4.IT GOVERNANCE IT governance is the set of processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. 3. Business Owners. Team Leader & 5. RACI Model of Infosys IT Governance: * .1. IT Workforce. 2.

* Aid in project and portfolio management. * Raise the profile of IT. * Aid in embedding IT into the organization's culture.* Aid in aligning IT with the organizational goals and strategy. * Increase project visibility. * Aid in IT strategic planning. . * Aid in performance measurement. * Help convert strategic goals into IT projects. * Aid in compliance. * Reduce IT risk. * Aid in demand management (demand for IT's services by other departments) * Optimize IT operations.

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