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Gerund and Infinitive

The gerund can be used As the subject of a verb Swimming is good for you. Smoking is bad for your health.

The gerund can be used

As the subject of a verb Swimming is good for you. Smoking is bad for your health

(We can also use the inifinitve here with very little change in meaning) E.g. To swim is nice /It is nice to swim However, when we speak in general the gerund is used rather than the infintive which suggests a particular point in time. How nice it is to swim! (now/at a paricular moment) I like swimming (always)

As the complement of a verb. I hate dancing As the complement of a preposition. The only exception being to which generally takes the infinitive This instrument is for taking peoples temperature. Examples of verbs which have the gerund after to are: Im looking forward to seeing you next year

Sandra is used to eating English food now. In addition to receiving presents at Christmas, Spanish children receive gifts at The Three Kings. Verbs/expressions followed by the gerund: To admit to give up its worth To avoid to imagine theres no point To feel like to keep on what/how about

Verbs/expressions normally followed by to+infinitve: To be about to to ask* To know how to to promise To use to to want to* *These two verbs can be used with the following construction. Verb+obj+to-infinitve I want you to do your homework. Did you ask him to order the drinks?

Remember to .. (Do a later action)

do your homework. turn off the lights. return my book.

I remember .
(Doing an earlier action) with my family. going to dances with my boyfriend.

To forget + to infinitive: Dont forget to turn off the lights! I forgot to call my friend. To forget + gerund:(doing something in the past) Ill never forget leaving home and moving to London. To stop + to infinitve:(for a specific purpose) I stopped at the shops to buy some bread. To stop + gerund.(cease an activity) I stopped buying bread as I was getting fat.

To try + to infinitive: (attempt) He tried to open the door with his credit card but it was jammed. To try + gerund: (experiment) They tried cleaning the stain with stain remover and then washed the garment. To mean + infinitive ( intention) I meant to tell Fiona to phone you but I forgot. To mean + gerund: (involves) Xmas at home means cooking all day and assembling childrens toys!

Christmas and New Year 2000

Ill never forget I remember I meant to . I tried to ..

Christmas 2009 and New Year

I will remember to.. I going to try to .. I mean to Im going to stop ..

Merry Christmas!!!!!!