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YASH R. BHOYAR Roll No-14 M.Tech(CAD/CAM),2nd sem


It involves activities such as, Defining the motion paths Sensory information Actuating the end effector Sending signals

Receiving data Making decision

Leadthrough Programming Introduction

Robot programming is concerned with teaching the robot its work cycle. The leadthrough methods are sometimes referred to as teach-byshowingmethod.

It represent the First real programming methods used in industry.


Powered leadthrough Manual leadthrough


Powered leadthrough
It makes use of a teach pendant to control various joint motors,arm and wrist Teach pendant usually a small handheld control box with toggle switches,dials and buttons.,shown in fig. It used to power drive and regulate robots movement

Fig: teach Pendant

These is most common today for programming It is largely limited to point-to-point motions rather than continuous movement These inlude part transfer tasks, machine loading and unloading,and spot welding

Manual leadthrough

Is usefull for defining continuous path,where the motion involves smooth complex curvilinear movements The motion cycle is divided into hundreds or even thousands of individual points It used in spray painting and

Motion interpolation Introduction

we address the problem of computing a collision-free interpolating motion between free-space configurations

The goal is to compute a trajectory that is less likely to intersect with any obstacles in the configuration space


Joint interpolation Straight line interpolation Circular interpolation

Irregular smooth motions

Joint interpolation
The controller determines how far each joint must move to get first joint It determines the time it will take to complete the move For example,the move from point 1,1 to point 7,4 in grid which shown in figure then,joint 1must move six increment & joint 2 must move three increment

Straight line interpolation

It is different from joint interpolation The robot controller computes straight line path between two points then,develops sequence of addressable points along path

Circular interpolation
It requiers the programmer to define a circle in the robots workspace Controller contruct an approximate of circle by selecting series of addressable point The movements of robot actually consist of short-straight-line segment It is more readily programmed using textual programming language

Irregular smooth motion

In these motion Segments are something stright, sometimes curved and sometimes back-and-forth motions Motion path is divided into sequence of closely spaced points It used in spray painting or arc welding

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