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Issue # 14 October 17, 2012

Pledge of Allegiance Invocation Introduction of Guests Happy Talk Rotary Moment with Neal Davidson Announcements Program Jen McDonnell, Arlington Co. Environmental Mgmt. Fines *Please email announcements to Anupam by EOD Four Way Test Monday to be included in the weeks bulletin.

Todays Program
Jen McDonnell Stormwater Outreach Specialist Arlington County Environmental Services Office of Sustainability and Environmental Management
Background on stormwater and why it is important to address stormwater County progams on public and private property designed to reduce stormwater runoff County volunteer programs that are related to stormwater runoff - stream monitoring, bacteria monitoring, storm drain marking

- Project Fact Sheets (Glynn) - Gunston Career Day on Nov 8th 8:30 10:30am needs people with the following backgrounds: Information Technology Finance Architecture & Construction Transportation, Distribution & Logistics - Oct 27th Bowl-a-thon. Need 15 bowlers minimum at $25 per bowler to break even. Interact member fundraiser? (Sue) - Next board meeting tentatively scheduled for November 19th (Anupam) - Wakefield Interact members signed up for RIUNDay!

A little bit about stormwater!

Stormwater is water that originates during precipitation events. It may also be used to apply to water that originates with snowmelt that enters the stormwater system. Stormwater that does not soak into the ground becomes surface runoff, which either flows directly into surface waterways or is channeled into storm sewers, which eventually discharge to surface waters. Stormwater is of concern for two main issues: one related to the volume and timing of runoff water (flood control and water supplies) and the other related to potential contaminants that the water is carrying, i.e. water pollution. Stormwater is also a resource and ever growing in importance as the world's human population demand exceeds the availability of readily available water. Techniques of stormwater harvesting with point source water management and purification can potentially make urban environments self-sustaining in terms of water.
Source: | Non Profit 501(c)(3) Tax Id: 51-0481053

The weeks highlights!

GRANT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPS December 1, 2012 Saturday Central and Southern NOVA Area Goodwin House, Baileys Crossroads, VA; Event Coordinator: Peter Anderson Our Rotarians in attendance: Peter Anderson Ron Marion Eric Barr

Events Calendar
Upcoming events and key dates in our Rotary year.

Rotarians attending will: Obtain a general overview of the Future Vision grant process. Acquire the tools to successfully manage Rotary Foundation Grants. Be able to complete both the district and global grants forms. Understand how to identify, develop and implement a project. Know how to manage and report the progress of a grant. Meet one of the requirements for qualification for a grant. Qualify their club to participate in Foundation Grants after signing an MOU.

- October 18 Club dinner social: King Street Blues 7 p.m. - October 27 - End Polio Now Bowl-athon - October 30 - WW Fall Festival and Halloween Party - November 3 - Foundation Banquet - November 3 - Rotary Day at the UN - November 8 - Gunston Career Day - November 15 - WW Gift Boxes Commissary Families - November 15 - Club dinner social: Pines of Florence 7 p.m. - November 17 - RLI at Germanna Community College
Susan Rogers visited a Rotary club up in Quebec, Canada and shared this picture. Can anyone translate?

DSG approved by District!

Dear Rotarians Glynn Bates and Sandy Harter: On behalf of the District Foundation, I am pleased to inform you that the District Simplified Grant program is recommending to support your project titled Ethics and
Leadership Seminars for Interact students in High and Middle Schools" at the requested

Congratulations, youre a Rotary Sustaining Member! (How can you be a sustaining member? Ask Pete!)

amount of $1,000. This recommendation is based on the compelling humanitarian needs of the project. This recommendation will be forwarded to the Rotary Foundation for approval and release of funds to your Club. At this time, I don't know when the Rotary Foundation is going to release these funds. Yours in Rotary Service Joseph A. Akkara

Peter Anderson Roy Cooper Neal Davidson Joe Garland Hayward Hull Matt Leavitt Sheriann Lockwood Ron Marion Bob Munn Mary Shaffran George Tyson

Club Officers: Anupam Kumar President Sue Bentley Vice President Sheriann Lockwood Secretary Scott Greenberg Treasurer Sandy Harter President Elect Don Ainsworth iPast President George Tyson Sergeant at Arms Committee Leadership: Joe Garland Rotary Foundation Susan Rodgers Club Administration Glynn Bates Service Projects Wesley Wertz Community Service Don Ainsworth International Service Gary Dehnel New Generations Service Neal Davidson Public Relations Don Ainsworth Membership Sandy Harter Fund Raising Club Foundation President Peter Anderson We meet every Wednesday from 7:00 8:30 A.M. on the 3rd floor of the Crystal City Sports Pub 529 23rd Street South Arlington, VA 22202 703-521-8215
Non Profit 501(c)(3) Tax Id: 51-0481053

The Four Way Test

of the things we think, say or do Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?