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Islam Q&A and Beauty of Islam

Javed Mohammed A K2Vista Production

So whats with you Moz-lems and Izzlam?

Thanks for asking, we have much to share.

Like Wsup?

Well we have a lot in common with you.

Our God, is the same God of the Jews and Christians. In Arabic we just call him Allah.

Yeah, I heard of him, its what you guys chant, when youre all excited and gonna do Jihad Allah-uAkbbbar!

Muslims are the followers of Islam and we believe in all the Prophets like Moses and Jesus, Peace be On them.

Whats with the Peace?

Islam means submission to the will of God, and one of its results is Peace.

We wish each other peace, thats Assalumualikum, when we greet, and along with that we respect the Prophets, so say Peace Be Upon You.

Thats Cool, youre not trying to convert me, dont have a sword in that backpack do you?

No Im not trying to convert you. You can only become a Muslim on your own free will. I dont have a sword, but I do have something far more powerful, a copy of the Quran.

Say What Korran. That like your Bible or something?

Kind of, its what Muslims believe is the final revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad.

HaHa, caught ya, you didnt say Peace be on him!

Youre right, I didnt want to overwhelm you with the Peace, so just said it in my heart!

Thats cool, God, I mean Allah , like whats he about?

I mean Im sure you got lots of rituals and stuff but where does it all start or end?

Being Muslim starts with declaring that theres no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet.

What Else?

Its about encouraging the good and forbidding the evil.

So if you forbid evil, why are you guys always so angry, demonstrating and blowing up people?

Some Muslims have legitimate grievances, but due to feeling powerless, ignorance, emotion or other factors resort to violence. Theres no justification.

Others get all bent up and they end up hurting their own cause and perceptions of Muslims at large.

Cartoons, videos you guys get offended easily. Dont you believe in free speech? Dont you guys have a sense of humor?

Most Muslims believe some things are sacred and insulting the Prophet is seen as Blasphemous. So there are limits to free speech.

You ducked the sense of humor?

Huh, whats that?

Just kidding!

And why are your women all wrapped up and oppressed. I heard they cant even drive. What kind of religion is that?

We have to separate Islam from culture. Actually Islam came and liberated women and gave them many rights which many societies in the past or present havent given.

. However, there are some things like the driving which are just the laws of one country, and have nothing to do with Islam or the norm for Muslims

Come-on dont make excuses. Whats wrong is wrong!

Look Muslims have issues just like people do in other parts of the world. Im not making excuses. Sadly the wrongs that are done are sometimes in the name of Islam.

But other times its due to the Islamophobia that exists which bears no reflection on our faith.

Whats beautiful about Islam?

I tell you what Ill stop talking and just show you some pictures. Breathe in, and take it in. These are all Mosques, places of worship, just one of many things that are beautiful.

What is the Kaaba?

Located in the center of Mecca Pre-dates Islam (said to have been built by Abraham and Ishmael as an altar to God) Used by pre-Muslim Arabs for worship of their many tribal gods (idols) Year 630: reclaimed by Muhammad, cleansed and rededicated to Allah Center of Islam to this day place of annual pilgrimage and direction of prayer for Muslims from all corners of the globe

Samarra, Iraq

Cordoba, Spain

The World of Islam

Nice pics. What else can you tell me?

Theres so much, there are the 5 pillars and so much detail, lets skip that for now. Islam came to liberate the oppressed and guide humanity.

So you gave me some good insights, I dont know if Im convinced. Leave me with a takeaway.

Check us out, get to know Muslims in your neighborhood, workplace, or community. Visit a mosque, form your own conclusions. Were green and were cool.

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