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Types of Advertising Campaign

Novrita Widiyastuti, S.Sos

By Target Audience

Advertising Consumer Advertising

Trade Advertising

The trade consist of enterprising business people For distributor, wholesaler and retailer They are concerned only to know if these qualities will make the product saleable to their end-customers and earn themselves income and profit Contents of trade advertising are the promotional support that is planned in terms of launch advertising Include planned sales promotion schemes to encourage customers and consumers to try and buy the product Incentives for the retailers might also be included Trade advertising also states the point-of-sale (POS) and display material available as well as any in-store demonstration that are planned

Consumer Advertising

Advertising Product Advertising Brand Advertising Range Advertising Corporate Advertising Retail Advertising Co-operative Advertising

Generic Advertising

advertising means advertising a product type rather than a brand and is usually undertaken by a trade association or consortium of manufacturers and supplier Does not promote a particular supplier but promotes the overall benefits and advantages of the product type Eg: Got Milk?

Product Advertising

on promoting the benefits and advantages of the product, such as the price, value and performance Eg: Rinso, Coca Cola, etc

Brand Advertising

emphasis of brand advertising is on the brand name, with sometimes little or no reference to the product The essence of brand advertising is usually image building for the total product offering-developing that feeling of goodwill between the branded product or brand name and the customer Eg: Nike

Range Advertising

complete range of products Range are frequently promoted in a single commercial or advertisement Eg: Rinso-Molto, Pixy

Corporate Advertising

the company not the individual

products Also used for financial advertising to reassure existing shareholders, launch a company on the stock exchange or attract new investors Eg: XL, Telkomsel, Indosat

Retail Advertising

message may be based on what brands and products they have or the range of goods that they can offer, though it may also include additional benefits like a convenient location, free parking, latenight opening or even a restaurant/coffee shop Eg: Carrefour, Electronic city, etc

Co-operative Advertising

message is relative simple-for a limited period, this brand/product/model pack is available only at this outlet at a special offer price or with a gift Eg: Credit card BCA-Starbucks, XLBlackberry, etc

Direct-Response Advertising

advertising is advertising to customer who deal with the manufacturer or supplier without intermediate wholesalers and retailers Eg: TV Media

Public-Service Advertising

A public service Advertising (PSA) or community service announcement (CSA) is a non-commercial advertisement, typically on radio or television, broadcast for the public. The main concept is to modify public attitudes by raising awareness about specific issues. Eg: Anti Narkoba, Pekan Imunisasi Nasional