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GSM module


PIN outs


Asynchronous or Synchronous Operation Master or Slave Clocked Synchronous Operation High Resolution Baud Rate Generator Supports Serial Frames with 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 Data Bits and 1 or 2 Stop Bits Odd or Even Parity Generation and Parity Check Supported by Hardware Three Separate Interrupts on TX Complete, TX Data Register Empty, and RX Complete Double Speed Asynchronous Communication Mode


X-CTU allows to communicate with the device using the technology UART that is a communication protocol ,Through which we can communicate from our PC t0 several devices. Which also allow you for different setting for different devices It also language transparency with hex code, user are allowed to write there code in hex. It can detect the compactable devices through which it can communicate


GSM AT Commands
Command line
Commands always start with AT and finish with a character (0x0D)

Information responses and result code

_ If command syntax is incorrect, an ERROR string is returned. _ If command syntax is correct but with some incorrect parameters, the +CME ERROR: or +CMS ERROR : strings are returned with different error codes. _ If the command line has been performed successfully, an OK string is returned. BRiCS

GSM AT Commands
SIM Insertion, SIM Removal The AT+CPIN? command delivers the following responses: If the SIM detect pin indicates absent, the response to AT+CPIN? is +CME ERROR 10

If the SIM detect pin indicates present, and the inserted Card is a SIM Card, the response to AT+CPIN? is +CPIN: xxx depending on SIM PIN state.


Command syntax: AT+CGMI This command gives the manufacturer identification Command syntax: AT+CGSN This command allows the user application to get the IMEI Command syntax: AT+ECHO? 0: Deactivate Echo 1: Activate Echo Command syntax: AT+ECHO=<no.> This allows us to keep change in the activation andd deactivation of command

Signal Quality +CSQ Command syntax: AT+CSQ +CSQ: <rssi>,<ber> <rssi>:31: -51dBm or greater 99: not known or not detectable <ber>: 07: as RXQUAL values in the table GSM BRiCS

Command syntax: AT+CMGS This command allow you to send messages Command syntax: AT+CMGR This command allows the user to read the messages

Command syntax: AT+CMGD This command allows the user to delete the messages
Dial command D The ATD command sets a voice, data or fax call. As per GSM Module, the dial command also controls supplementary services. Command syntax: ATD<nb> where <nb> is the destination phone number.


GSM Module
GSM MODEM SIM 300 WITH SIM CARD HOLDER , ANTENNA AND RS232 INTERFACE . GSM/ GPRS MODEM Using SIMCOM-300 Module. RS 232 Interface. DB9 port. On Board Voltage regulator. Power / Signal LED Indication. SMA Connector for antenna connection.

Description about the whole communication



The RS-232 interface has common ground between the DTE and DCE MAX233 performs the same job as MAX232 but eliminates the need for capacitors o A line driver such as the MAX232 chip is required to convert RS232 voltage levels to TTL levels, and vice versa In RS232, a 1 is represented by -3 ~ -25 V, while a 0 bit is +3 ~ +25 V, making -3 +3 undefined Those two pins are calle TxD and RxD and these pins are TTL compatible; therefore, they require a line driver to make them RS232 compatible