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POP Quiz (5 minutes max.)

What does IBDP stand for? 2. What does CAS stand for? 3. Name all 8 CAS Learning Outcomes

8 CAS Learning Outcomes

Increased awareness of strengths and areas of improvement
Undertaken new challenges Worked collaboratively with others Planned and initiated activities Showed perseverance and commitment Engaged in issues of global importance Considered ethical implications Developed new skills

Reflection Starts Here

Reflection a good example

Activity Description (Van der Poel)

Reflection (Van der Poel)

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Addendum to Presentation

You can choose other forms of reflections other than writing on MB:
Spoken in the form of a podcast (maximum 3 minutes) and uploaded on MB .A videocast (maximum 3 minutes; uploaded onto Vimeo and linked to MB)

A link to your blog where you've started documenting your project including reflections on the process.

Activity Description (MUN)

Reflection Excerpt (MUN)

Activity Description (Cambodia Service Project)

Reflection Excerpt (Cambodia Service Project)

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