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Assignment 02

Observation Lab
Stanfords class By Prof Tina

Submitted by: HA


Closed door. Very close to nature environment natural feel of hand-woven fabric shop was very basic, with a lot of wood, giving it a raw and earthy fee mostly white with the most minimal furnishings a reflection of the brands coming of age both in terms of range and vision. Wooden floors emphasize closeness to nature. Not too loud environment, light music, medium light, focus on natural light during the day time. Greeting staff in uniforms near the doors. Dedicated sales staff to assist the customers. Prices are not easy to find. A sales person needs to be asked. Customers of all ages and groups visit but the number of women is more

Transparent/Glass doors and windows giving a full view of the store from outside and a welcoming ambiance. Modern interiors and design. Natural Ivory colour is used with hints of Red and Black. Well categorised displays help find products easily Customers are mostly from younger generation (13 30 year olds) Easy to find price tags Customers can freely look around on their own to make their picks and choose Product range includes western wear such as T-shirts,Tops, Cardigans, Coats, Jackets, Jeans, Trousers, Shoes, Accessories and much more!!

Closed wooden doors. An assistant welcomes at the door and keeps safe the extra shopping bags of customers at the doors while they shop. Welcoming, earthy and natural interiors with ethnic orientation. Wooden floors. Catering to urbanisation and cosmopolitan attitudes. key role in the development of prt- a-porter Smart dressing, attractive and comfortable clothing and one of the first one-stop solutions for women only. Garments are available in different sizes (International/UK sizes) which gives a competitive advantage as most others similar businesses only have limited sizes available apparels illustrate graceful silhouettes, fluid lines and modern cuts, all the while making comfort its top priority. Only one cash counter. Returns policy as long as the tags are not taken off.

designer embroidered fabrics leader in creating legendary quality in designing product latest fashion trends in mind, giving them exquisite, stylish touch Helpful staff Separate floors for each category of products Light music, adequate lighting, beige tiled floor, escalators eavailable for customers. promotes a culture, which fosters openness, innovation, respect for the individual and a pride in performance and excellence.

offering the complete range of Fashion clothing & foot wear, Bed Linen, Kitchen Accessories and Furniture International brand and standards A wide range of products and choice is available Well lit floors and nicely decorated floors. Sales staff in uniforms assist the customers at all times. Caters to high class living & alluring lifestyle Loud music and vibrant environment. most modern and innovative products of home fashion available. Expert consultancy services are also available.

Stylo Shoes

Stylo Shoes
largest selling ladies shoes brand in Pakistan and the largest ladies shoes retail network in the country makes sure that its customers always get the cuttingedge fashion footwear A large number of customers. Bridal footwear is a big hit. Well lit environment. Sales staff in uniforms is available to help customers. Loud music, unpleasing to the ears. Tiled flooring.