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No. 30, Vaishali Indl Estate, Bldg No 2, Ground Floor, Dahisar (W), Mumbai 400 068. India.


The only representative of DUKANE in South Asia


Complete Solution of Plastic Joining

Hot Plate







Our Mission
To apply science through an art of engineering to exceed our customer expectations


Our Vision
To become most recognized solution provider in India for all kind of Plastic Assembly by 2012.


Ultrasonic Welders
The heart of our plastic assembly solutions for over 30 years!

Standard operating
frequencies: 15 kHz 20 kHz 30 kHz 40 kHz 50 kHz IQ Series press system

Power Ranges from 180 - 4,800 watts


Vibration Welders
Operating frequency of 200Hz to 240Hz Amplitudes of 0.5 to 1.8 millimeters Upper tool weights capabilities from 20 to 200 pounds (and growing) Table widths from 24 to 72 inches


Spin Welders
ServoWeldTM Pneumatic down force with hydraulic speed control and Servo Motor for spin. Orientation tolerance +/0.1degree for best in class positioning consistency Numeric entry of orientation through touch screen


Laser Welders
Custom solutions based on Leicester Laser Technology and Dukanes plastic welding expertise Available operating frequencies:808 to 940 nm (diode lasers) 1064 nm (Nd:YAG) 10,600 nm (CO2) Fiber or Galvo head beam delivery systems


Thermal Presses
High rigidity, rugged modular design Simple touch screen Bolt-on-plug in slide kits Programming All controls out front Innovative tooling concepts


Hot Plate Welders

Pneumatic operated machine motions. Rack & Pinion driven tool plates provide synchronized motion and fail-safe operation. Simple touch screen operator interface.


List of Some of Applications Successfully weld by us:

Instrument panels Robotic Welding Door trim Glove box Knee bolsters Instrument

modules Exterior lighting Fuel filter Air filter Oil Filter fuel floats Carburetor

Front view

clusters Interior trim Spoiler Seat Cowl HVAC housing Intake manifolds Carbon canisters Electronic

Motor pump

housing Container locking system Battery cover Battery lid Rear view mirror

mirror Tail light Head light Brake light Indicator Speaker Grill Automobile Horns Bumper for car Dash Board riveting


Toys and Gift article

Remote car and boat Plastic Doll Toy gun Water gun TV game Phone Whistle Baby Rattle Puzzle game

Electronic and electrical

Video & Audio cassette cover Energy Meter Cover Energy Meter Housing

Calculator Disc
Electric switch Transformer coil cover MCB

Relay Rotary switch


Stationary Items
File folder Photo frame Jewellery Box, Perfume bottle etc.

File box
C.D. pouch PP Corrugated Box Highlighter, Marker Pen Show-Piece Paper weight Pen stand Key-chain Watch case

Pump Parts
Impellers Diffuser Mono-block Housing Non return Valve


House hold appliances

Refrigerator door Freezer door Thermos cup Food container Lunch box Water bottle Bottle cap Baby mug Fancy glasses

Chiller tray
Muffler cover Washing machine door Washer balance ring Computer TV shell Remote unit Steam iron Jar, Container

Spoon handle
Water jug Tooth brush handle

Corning ware sealing

Flask sealing Thermos bottle


Medical application
Cardiometry Reservoirs
Blood & gas filters IV spikes IV fluid bottle cap

Packaging cartoons
Aluminum foil

Filter cloth sealing
Fabric cutting and sealing PP Non-Woven bags

Urine bag
Face mask Implantable devices Insulin pumps

Drug delivery systems

Surgical gowns Zero-B filter Water purifier assembly

Other applications
Mobile Phone Welding Insertion For Mobile Phone Tarpaulin sealing Eye letting Hair decoration ornaments


Offers from SJP Ultrasonics

Food Cutting Guillotine & Knives

Vibration Welding Fixtures Hot Plate Welding Fixtures

Welding Fixtures

Horns(Sonotrodes) & Boosters

AMC for Plastic welding systems Ultrasonic Plastic welding Job work


Thank You