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From the Word of God understand the

Goodness Aspect of Sex Moral Aspect of Sex

Part 1 Goodness of Sex

Sex is created by God - Gen 1:27,31 it provides identity to us as male and female. for intimacy between husband and wife, not only for procreation I Cor 7:3-5 (act of Sex) clearly explained in Bible Songs of Solomon an expression of love between husband and wife Prov 5:18,19 to be rightly understood Phil 4:8

Goodness of Sex - Biblical Teaching on Sex

(from the book of Song of Songs)

Sex is permitted only within marriage bed( 2:16

3:4, 8:10-12; 7:10-13) 6:4-9,)

Men will get sexually aroused through eyes( 4:1-15, Women will get sexually aroused through touch

and speech (7:9-8:4, 2:10-13)

Foreplay in sex is essential for intimacy among

husband and wife (4-7 chapters)

Monogamy is only permitted (8:6, Gen 1:24)

Goodness of Sex - Biblical Teaching on Sex

(from the book of Song of Songs)

Sex in marriage is for intimacy and not only for

procreation (I Cor 7:3-5, Pro 5:18,19)

The result of sex is intimate relationship, pleasure

and satisfaction (Pro 5:18,19, SS8:1, 10)

Satisfaction of the partner assumes prime goal in

sexual relationship (7:10).

Sex liberates shame (Gen 1:25)

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of Gods mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Gods will is his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:1,2 (NIV)
U R MY Bread

Moral Aspect of Sex - Right

Marriage is to be honored and its bed to be kept pure against

immorality and adultery (Heb 13:4)

Married couple have regular sexual relations for the good

purpose (I Cor 7:1-5). Excuses can be for only one purpose.(v5)

Sexual arousal is permitted within marriage only (SS 2:7, 3:5, 8:4).

Foreplay in sex is essential for intimacy between husband and

wife (SS4-7 chapters)

Monogamy is only permitted(Gen 2:24, I Cor 7:2-4) Satisfaction of the partner assumes prime goal in sexual relationship (SS7:10, I Cor 7:4).

Moral Aspect of Sex - Wrong

Sex Outside Marriage is Sin (Deut: 22:22, Prov 5:15-23,
Gen 39:9, I Cor 6:9,15-20)

Premarital sex is Sin ( Deut 22:15 -30, II Cor 11:2, SS 2:7, 3:5,
8:4, Luke 1:34).

Media can portray sex in a wrong way (I Cor 15:33). Homosexuality is Sin (Lev 18:22, Rom 1:27) Lesbianism is Sin (Rom 1:24-28) Sex with Close/Blood relatives is forbidden (Lev 18:6) Sex with Animals is Sin(Lev 18;23)

Masturbation Is Bible Silent?

Bible Being Silent doesnt mean it approves or

disapproves it Masturbation Multiple definitions Nocturnal emission natural dont panic God looks at motive and when the act is neutral Focus on the root cause Matt 5:28 Ask Gods help if the stimulation is negative Flee from sexual arousal before or outside marriage 2 Tim 2:22 Always engage Yourself. Dont be idle

About Sexual relations Created by Purpose of Sex Prominence in Sex Act of Sex Result of Sex

World View randomness Procreation Self Pleasure God

Biblical View

Intimacy btwn couples & Procreation Mutual Pleasure

Mating of two bodies Union of two to one Body + Soul involved Temporary Permanent Satisfaction satisfaction that Better Understanding leads to more craving Guilt, Shame, Fear, STDs As You become an Adult Oneness Within Marriage only

Additional outcomes (Optional) Time to involve

Love behind closed doors

( An article from Yahoo news: 14th Feb 10)
Several couples at some point or the other have relationship outside their marriage. Most of them are hidden and secret, stirring gamut of emotions, and one of them is GUILT. HT City spoke to a few Delhiites, who confessed feeling guilty and others who defended themselves. The moment of truth Businessman Shailendra Kewalramani is married for four years, and confesses that he shares the most blissful moments and agonies with his ladylove and not his wife. "My wife and I lack bonding. I found the completeness that I always longed for, only after I met my ladylove." Shailendra denies suffering from guilt pangs for cheating his wife, and says, "Guilt would have been there only if I had any feelings for my wife. Shailendra's was an arranged marriage, but Renuka (name changed), who had a love marriage got emotionally involved with another man. Reason? No emotional bonding and her husband's touring job that gradually drew her towards another man. "I respect my husband. He is good and I care for him, but somehow the love and spark has vanished. We don't quarrel over anything and are fine with whatever the other person does." Renuka shares every bit with this other friend she has found. "I get all the emotional support from him," says Renuka, who at times feel being at fault for having a relationship outside marriage. Think rationally. Deepak Dhawan has found a good friend in his wife, but his soulmate is someone else. He says, "My wife is supportive, but there's no sex life. I do feel guilty, but this is how things have shaped up now."

Is the 12- step programme any good for sex addiction? (an article in Yahoo news 10.03.10)
Tiger Woods's public apology for his infidelity has fuelled the long-standing debate about sexual disorders and how to treat them. It was Clinton who first offered us a glimpse of how sex can ruin a person's life. More recently, Tiger Woods's string of sexual escapades has confirmed this idea that 'out of control' sexual behaviour which seems addictive can have far reaching consequences. Sex addiction is being recognised as a problem the world over but in the Indian context, very little research has been done on this problem and its treatment. .. Undoubtedly sex addiction has to be defined carefully as a person might have a high libido, nothing more, and his sexual needs might not match his partners, which leads to him being branded unfairly as an addict. ''There are no clear cut lines to define what too much sex is. If a man with a high libido finds a match in his partner then there is no problem. But when the desire to have sex takes over a person's life and renders it dysfunctional, then the psychological and physical condition should be analysed,'' says DrWadia.

Is the 12- step programme any good for sex addiction? (an article in Yahoo news 10.03.10)
While the idea that anyone can be addicted to sex is still scoffed at, using this as a 'medical' excuse for promiscuous behavior makes the matter more controversial. Especially since this is not even recognised as a disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), considered the psychiatrist's Bible and ''hypersexual disorder'' is under consideration for the next edition. Woods recently offered a public apology for his infidelity, saying he was returning to his religious faith and admitting that he had ''work to do.'' The 12-step is intended to provide psychological, social and spiritual support for addicts. Crucial to this is the admission that their addiction isn't in their control and that there is a greater power that can give strength. Past mistakes are rectified with the help of a sponsor who is an experienced member. The final step is to learn to live a new life with a new code of behaviour and help others who suffer from the same addictions or compulsions. ''We use many of the principles of the 12 - step in our counselling ,'' declares Elizabeth Selhore, director of Sahara, an NGO that runs a rehabilitation programme for drug and alcohol addiction. Selhore admits that while sex addiction is not ''acknowledged'' in India, it is a problem nonetheless. ''Anything can become an addiction, including love and sex.''

Is the 12- step programme any good for sex addiction? (an article in Yahoo news 10.03.10)
One of the arguments against the programme is that it focuses on the emotional and spiritual, and neglects the physical. ..Calling yourself an addict is essential in the 12-step plan. This admission is hard for some, as is the social involvement that is part of the plan. Many people struggling with addiction find this hard to deal with as it makes them uncomfortable or nervous. Some feel that the need for belief in a Higher Power which is integral for those following the plan also comes in the way of its universal applicability and efficacy. ..The programme talks of God or a Higher Power but doesn't give any name to this power, so it's applicable to everyone and it doesn't matter whether you are a Christian or Hindu. The 12-step requires you to call yourself an addict and accept responsibility for your behaviour and actions

Reproduced From Mail Today. Copyright 2010. MTNPL. All rights reserved.

Handle Sex with Care

Why? Because this is where People who are

Wise have fallen Solomon Strong have fallen Samson Close to Gods heart have fallen David

But also simple young boy who Determined in his heart overcame - Joseph

Steps to keep ourselves Sexually pure


Flee from Youthful Lusts 2 Tim 2:22

All sources of sexual arousal

To avoid sin

2. Fill with the Word of God Psalm 119:11

3. Be not conformed to this world but renew your mind

- Rom 12:1

To look at his creation in Right perspective Help in starving the fleshy desires & keep Yourself engaged

4. Concentrate on Fruit of the Spirit Gal 5:16

Questionnaire consolidation

I m Open to You