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Management Internship Program

Presented by: Marketing 2nd Team


What is MIP?
Opportunity provided to the student intern to get exposed to: Corporate culture Professional experience Implementing the theoretical concepts learnt for developing managerial skills. Develops social skills

Objectives of MIP
Provide an opportunity to apply the concepts learnt in real life situations. To mold the student interns as per the requirements of the organizations. Helps students to assess themselves. Develop a network which will be useful in enhancing their career prospects.

STAGES OF MIP Orientation in the company

Management Training

Project/Research work leading to Management Thesis


The Student Intern should also get oriented to various departments of the company and get to know the key functionaries.

Executive Training gives direct

exposure to execution and support functions of the department.


Management Thesis can be chosen by a student intern in the field of his specialization/interest. However the student has to be sensitive to the placement opportunities and take up management thesis in that area.


Acquire the complete idea of the company in which he is placed. Get hold of the latest financial statement of the company. Prepare a SWOT analysis. Always maintain corporate attire. Maintain cordial and professional relationship with the organization. Always be optimistic and open to suggestions. Keep track of important issues and points during meetings or discussions.

Get in touch with the company guide and institutional guide if the situation warrants. Maintain strict confidentiality of the company information. Consult faculty guide or refer textbooks and other sources to emphasize on the relevant concepts. Always submit bills on time when reimbursement is to be claimed. Focus on assignment and complete the individual responsibilities allotted on schedule.

Criticize the company policy or company executives. Criticize or make adverse comments about institute or faculty guide. Attend the office in an informal dress. Enter into arguments and lose temper. Mistreat the amenities offered by the company.


Go to meetings and presentations ill-equipped or illprepared. Be behind schedule Leave the office without prior permission. Exceed the limits prescribed or try to extract the information which is confidential in nature. Interfere in third party assignments



Adaptability Time management Impression management Leadership Networking Team building and management Communication skills Presentation skills

Report writing Listening Critical thinking Data collection and analysis Creative thinking Etiquette Keeping Positive Attitude Net searching



Training Sessions. Group Discussion. Resume Preparation. Mock Interviews. Just 2 Minutes (J2M).


Training Sessions
MIP- Training session is useful for students. These Session is conducted by industry experts/specialists on all weekends.

Group Discussion
Guides can conduct GD for students every week - group have 8-10 members each. The GD shall be conducted during the first ten week of MIP. Faculty shall supervise the effective implementation of GD.

Resume Preparation
Each student has to prepare two resume during the MIP. First one submitted to the faculty guide faculty will correct and suggest modification for making it effective. The resume will used in time of mock interviews. Students should prepare a resume in the mid of MIP- wherein they can incorporate the value additions during the MIP. Faculty again correct it and students will prepare final resume it will help in the final placement.

Mock Interviews
Faculty can arrange mock interviews for the students with the industry experts focusing on the performance during the MIP. Each students is required to undergo at least 3 interviews. Placement executives have to make arrangements for industry experts.

Just 2 Minutes (J2M) MIP Flash Cards - Each card have situation related to MIP, Each student pick up one card at random and speak for two minutes on the situation printed on the MIP Flash Cards. Every week institution conducting J2M training.


Discussed so far
What is MIP? Objectives of MIP Stages of MIP Dos & Donts Skills acquisition through MIP Training sessions during MIP


Discussed so far
As we have understood MIP is the opportunity that is given to students to get exposed to corporate culture. MIP provides an opportunity for a student to put in practice the learnt theories. MIP also helps to acquire the complete knowledge of a company.