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Changing trends in online purchase behavior in India

Team Members
Vinay Tripathi C44

Pankaj Vyas


Online Consumers








values, Personality traits

Time saving, Convenience, Best price, One-

stop Shopping

Objective of the study

To study the online shopping behavior of customers To study the factors influencing online shoppers and

To study the customer's level of satisfaction with

regard to online shopping

Respondent should be a user of internet
Convenience and quota sampling used Sampling area would be Thane city Sample size is taken as 200 respondents Respondent are housewives, students, working male &


Reasons for Sampling

Thane is taken as sample area because of convenience
Sample size is taken as 200 because it would give less

variation in study of behavior

3 major category chosen for sample to know behavior

of each category in research

Research Methodology
Descriptive research Quantitative method is used Secondary data Factors are Price, Convenience and Trust

Primary research is taken as survey to know consumer behavior about online shopping and it would be analyze by secondary data also some statistical technique used with help of Quantitative method.

Q1. Name ___________________ Q2. Age a) 15-20 b) 20-25 c) 25-30 d) 30 above Q3. Gender a) Male b) Female Q4. What is your occupation? a)Student b) Professional c) Govt.employed d) Self Employed e) Housewife

Q5. What is your monthly income? a) Less than 10000 b) 10000 to 20000

c) 20000 to 30000 d) 30000 to 40000

e) More than 40000 Q6. How frequently do you purchase online? a) Once a week b) More than once a week c) once a month d) more than once in a month

Q7. What motivates to buy products online?

a) Easy payment b) No hidden cost c) No travel to shop d) Wide range of products e) other [Please specify] ____________

Q8.Do you feel that the online marketers are providing competitive prices? a)Yes b) No c) Can't Say Q9. What products you buy on internet? a) Books b) Music CDs c) T-shirt d) Mobile e) laptop f) Other [specify] ___________

Q10. Do you feel that online shopping is better than shopping at physical brick & mortar store? a) Yes b) No c) Can't say

Q11.Rank this stores for shopping online on 1 to 5?

Portals Rank

Flipkart Future Yebhi


Q12. What factors help you to decide which site to use for online shopping? a) Search engine b) Personal recommendation c) Special offers on sites d) Online advertising e) TV advertising f) other_________ Q13.How do you make your payments on internet? a) Credit card/Debit card b) Bank transfer c) PayPal d) any other______

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