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Leadership Projects Students/ASU

Xenopus Histone Octamer without tail modification

AGE Human Serum Albumin with highlighted modified lysines

Muskan Kukreja
Erica Hartmann

Meet the Current

Research Interest
Research Interest
Computational Systems Biology
Mass Spec, Proteomics, and
Research Interests are

SNP Prediction Tools (Dr. Kumar),
Projects EST Analysis of Tumor (Dr. Johnston
Microfluidics (Dr. Meldrum), Quote: Mathematics is an untrue
Biodegradation (Dr. Rosy) friend, if you keep practicing it, it will
Bo Wang Quote: L'homme est un roseau, remain with you, if you stop, it will go
Research Interest mais c'est un roseau dépensant. away.
Genetic Engineering and Protein
Engineering Tomasz Kalinowski
Projects Kurt Whittemore Research Interest
Microbial Diversity of Aerosol Research Interest
Samples (Dr. Rosy), Production of Alternative Energy, Environmental
Butanol (Dr. Zhang) Synthetic Biology Biotechnology
Quote: Once we dreamt we were Projects Projects
Diffusion in polymers (Dr. Woodbury), Ion Channel conductance (Dr. Goryll)
strangers, we wake up to find that we Microarrays (Dr. Johnston), Protein
were dear to each other. Quote: "These are my principles. If
glycosylatoin (Dr. Rittmann)
you don't like them, I have others.."
Quote: “By small and simple things
are great things brought to pass.”
Jia Zeng Alma 37:6
Research Interest Yoonsun Yang
Bioengineering and Neuroscience Research Interest
Projects Becky Allen
Research Interest Microfluidics and Cancer Biology
Antibody to neurodegenerative
proteins (Dr. Sierks), Cell Sustainable Energy Project
micropatterning (Dr. Kelbauskas) Projects Cell lysis microfluidic devices (Dr.
Quote: A Ph.D. Is not enough Bacterial biodiesel (Dr. Vermaas), Chao), ELP enhanced tumor
Microbial ecology (Dr. Brown), spheroid formation (Dr. Rege)
Photobioreactors (Dr. Rittmann) Quote
Quote Carpe diem

Joyce Fan Hong

Research Interest Krupa Navalkar Minyao Sun
Cancer Research Research Interest Research Interest
Project Human Diseases Medicine related research
Virus epitopes (Dr. Johnston), Single Projects Projects
cell gene expression detection (Dr. Cancer Immunology (Dr. Lake), Cancer Vaccine (Dr. Johnston), ATP
Li) Peptide Microarrays (Dr. Stafford) synthase study (Dr. Frasch)
Quote: Happiness lies in Quote: Everything random is not Quote
contentment. stochastic, just because we don’t see To walk within the lines would
a pattern, doesn’t mean there is none make my life so boring.
Nohea Arkus
Research Interest Alan Liang Xiao
Cooking & Eating Research Interest
Projects Medical Biology and Microbiology
Antitumor vaccine (Dr. Jacobs) and Projects
Viral Replication (Dr. Hogue) Chromatin structure (Dr. Lindsay),
Quote: Nothing good ever comes Cancer Vaccine (Dr. Johnston)
easy and nothing easy is ever that Quote: Success depends on details.