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Presented by Pat McMahon Budget Advisor, Australian Department of Finance and Deregulation

What is the plan and its timing? Pilot and Implementation!

Pilot Pilot set-up of program structures and MTEF baseline 2008 Implementation (all agencies) Training & guidance for all agencies 2009-2011 Establish MTEF and all the institutions required to support an MTEF 2010 Set-up program structures and performance indicators 2010 Set-up new reporting of budget and outcomes by program and on a forward estimates basis - 2010

What is the plan for a performance framework? Beyond 2010 !

Moving to a more mature PBB beyond the set-up stage Phase 1 introduce modest operational flexibilities 2012 Phase 2 expand operational flexibilities 2014-2016 Phase 3 introduce evaluation and monitoring mechanisms 2014 Phase 4 Review and evaluate the entire performance framework - 2016

Discussion - Issues that need consideration by you

Are these realistic time-frames for a plan? What still needs to be done to meet this plan? e.g. Defining expenditure groups for operational flexibilities Defining what is to be included in the reporting to Parliament for accountability purposes, and when do you report? Defining which institution is responsible for the Performance Framework Is it DG Budgets? Defining who are to be the users of performance information